So you’ve got a decent song and a nice music video, but you struggle to get video views. In this post, we will discuss how to promote your music videos on YouTube and how to promote your music if you have no fans. We will also look at music video promotion strategies that you may not have covered in the past.

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Put yourself in this scenario. You have written and produced what you consider to be the perfect song. You can now upload the music video to YouTube. From there you also share that video on Instagram and Facebook. Therefore, you want all of your friends to learn about your new song and to listen to it. This may generate a couple more views. You pick up another one or two views every day and you realise it will take forever. This fantastic song turns out to be a flop. In this post, we will discuss how to promote your music if you have no fans.

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Now, let’s get back to the purpose of this post. That is to show you how to promote your music if you have no fans.

How to Promote Your Music Videos on YouTube

The video above is all about music video promotion. In particular, it is about how to promote your music videos on YouTube. Justin (the guy in the video) states that you will never have to go through the turmoil of getting only a couple of views per day on your YouTube videos and how to promote your music if you have no fans.

This video will give you three ways to promote your music videos on YouTube. There are many more than three ways to promote your music videos, The music video promotion strategies that Justin shares in the video above are completely free and these are the most effective free music video promotion strategies. Furthermore, if you do have a little money for your promotion, Justin also shows you what you can do with that money to effectively promote your music videos on YouTube.

The Goal of This Post and the Video

Finally, by the end of this post, you will be able to choose which methods you wish to investigate further. Therefore, the purpose of this post is to explain further of what Justin is saying in this video and give you the music video promotion strategy ideas that you may like to try.

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The Free Route Will Take More Time

If you decide to go the free route, you will also have to put more time into your work. Therefore, if you don’t have a tonne of time, my advice is to pay for promotion. You tend to find that people either have more money or more time. However, there are the unfortunate few who don’t have either. My advice there is to get another job or start your own business.

How Promote Your Music Videos on YouTube – Strategy One: Playlist Curators

Playlist placements are a great way to get more views on your videos. This is one of the best free ways to generate a tonne of views and interest in your channel.

Playlist curators love good content. Furthermore, while browsing on YouTube yesterday, I came across a playlist called My Mix. This is YouTube’s answer to Spotify’s Discover Weekly. The music was even better for me than the Discover Weekly. I believe this is like the artist radio on Spotify, but it’s on YouTube and it’s better because it has a better idea of the music I love to listen to.

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How to Find YouTube Playlists to Submit to on SubmitHub

The easiest ways to find YouTube playlists to submit to is through a site called SubmitHub. This is a platform that will enable you to submit your music to bloggers, playlist curators, influencers and more.

In the video above, Justin gives you a brief crash course in how to use SubmitHub. This platform can be free. However, there is also an option to pay money for your music video promotion.

How to Promote Your Music Videos on YouTube Directly to Playlist Curators

The other way to find YouTube playlist curators is to search directly on YouTube itself. You will find many more channels to submit to using this music video promotion strategy.

You would just type your genre into the search bar. After that, you would filter the results so that you are only getting playlists. Take a look through these playlists. If there is one that would be more suitable for your music. Now click on the channel page for the curator. Click “About”. Now check if there is also an email address for this curator. If there is, email them.

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This is something you should be doing with every video. For this, I personally use VidIQ. I find the best keywords for searches that I know my content is suitable for. It also works better when you find a keyword with a score above 50/100.

Search engine optimisation is a great way to be found. Not only are views going to be higher quality, but search is the biggest way for people to find your videos.

You can also add your music and similar music to a playlist.

How to Promote Your Music Videos if You Have No Fans, But You Do Have Some Money

If you want to learn how to promote your music videos if you have no fans, but you do have money, you should check out YouTube advertising.

You may or may not be aware, but YouTube is owned by Google. Therefore, you can harness the power of Google advertising to drive traffic to your YouTube adverts.

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How to Generate Video Views With In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads allow you to play your video either at the start or during another video. The good thing is, is that you are guaranteed to find exposure to a good number of people. Therefore, you can play your videos on channels that have a tonne of views and people who like your music.

For instance, if your music is hip-hop, you will be able to play your music to people who love hip-hop. This is an excellent way to gain exposure because people will be interested in your music across multiple platforms and not just on YouTube.


If you need to learn how to promote your music video if you have no fans or money, you now know the better music video promotion strategy. Please always remember that there is a free way. However, the free ways will take time to build and is not as immediate as paying for YouTube or Google advertising.

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