It is not enough to simply know what to do in your music business. It is also essential that you start work with the right mindset. This mindset is only achievable if you put the right things into your mind. In the business world, this is known as continued professional development. Today, we will also look at continued professional development for musicians. We will cover a mixture of different resources that are focused on enabling musicians to market their music much more effectively, with the right mindset and the right attitude. We are also going to look at a number of websites that will show you how to make better music and improve your music production skills

Please note that there will be affiliate links and banners throughout this post. If you click them and make a purchase, I will also make a small commission. Therefore, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to you for all your support. It makes this website and blog, the YouTube channel and podcast worth my time. You are also helping me to support my family and provide for my wife and son.

Continued Professional Development For Artists

In this post, there will be a number of different resources. This will cover audio, video as well as text posts. I will also explain why I think they are great and why you should check them out for yourself. We will look at both paid and free resources. However, I will ensure that any paid resources are at a low price so that it makes joining them a no-brainer.

Blogs That Offer Continued Professional Development For Musicians

This post is split up into different categories. In this first section, we are going to look at blogs that offer continued professional development for musicians. In later sections, we will also look at YouTube channels, online courses in mindset and electronic music production.

1 has been going strong since September 2019. It provides blog posts on a variety of areas connected to making money with your music. Therefore, if you have music to promote, want the best strategies and resources to sell your music, or you simply want to explore more possibilities for your music, this is the place to come.

As a learning resource, will be opening up more as a course provider. I am making video courses as part of my work now that will be added to the website this Summer (2022). I am aiming to get it looking a little more like the Sonic Academy or Producertech. However, as Sonic Academy and Producertech deal exclusively with music production, will be more about music marketing and making money with your music.

If you don’t have much time to spend on marketing your music, there will be a done for you service too. In this service, I will be able to boost your social media activity and exposure to your music. I will also enable you to develop your email subscriber list.

continued professional development for musicians

2 Sound On Sound

Widely known as one of the best music magazines for music production, SOS has been around for many years. I believe they started off as a print magazine, but now they also offer some great music tutorials that will benefit all musicians.

3 Produce Like A Pro

The blog posts at Produce Like a Pro are short and to the point. They offer music production posts that cut the crap and get to the point. Produce Like a Pro are also known as a YouTube channel under the same name. They usually publish new YouTube videos on a Friday.

4 Music Radar

Music Radar covers news and equipment reviews concerning the musician today. Posts are up-to-date, interesting and relevant to the interests of their users.


Better known as an ear training resource, Soundgym offer a great resource for continued professional development for musicians with carefully curated YouTube videos and blog posts. Access to the Soundgym blog is free. However, if you wish to use the ear training resources, you will have to pay a monthly or an annual fee (whatever your preference is).

YouTube Channels That Offer Continued Professional Development For Musicians

Video is perhaps the best option for continued professional development for musicians. Not only can you hear what you are supposed to do, you often get over the shoulder tutorials as to what to do and how to do it. Furthermore, it is more personable. It is the world’s favourite medium for learning. As far as continued professional development for musicians goes, YouTube offers an ever updated and fresh way to learn to make music, market your music or play an instrument. There are professional organisations as well as individual YouTubers who share their expertise with you for free.

6 Continued Professional Development For Musicians With Krannaken TV

I just have to start this post with my own YouTube channel, don’t I? The difference that my whole content strategy takes over everyone else’s, is that I focus on music marketing and showing you how to make money with your music in an ever-changing marketplace. Subscribe to Krannaken TV here.

Please also show your support for all of the YouTube channels below by subscribing to them. If you do subscribe, please also hit the bell. You will then be notified of new videos as and when they are published. Thank you.

7 Produce Like a Pro

As already mentioned, Produce Like a Pro always also release a new video on a Friday. The video below is an example of what you can expect from their channel. This is FAQ Friday.

8 Guy Michelmore

Guy Michelmore is your stereotypical English gentleman. He is very charismatic and jolly. This channel focuses more on film scoring and using technology to recreate more classical sounds.

Mr Michelmore also works for a University in England called Think Space Education. Think Space run University level courses in music production, music business, film scoring, etc. It is a very good University and worth your while if you are looking at going to University to study one of the aforementioned subjects.

9 Stock Music Licensing YouTube Channel

The Stock Music Licensing YouTube channel is run by a really nice guy called Daniel Carrizalez. Daniel runs other courses and another channel. I will also mention these later on in this blog post. Daniel is known for his beard. It is his one distinguishing visual feature and he considers it as his identity.

Daniel is a successful stock music composer. He sells music very often and he puts a tonne of value bombs into every video that he creates. For this reason, I can highly recommend either of Daniel’s YouTube channels and courses to anyone looking to start their own business.

10 Continued Professional Development For Musicians With Daniel Carrizalez YouTube Channel

Daniel started Daniel Carrizalez YouTube channel in early 2022. This channel is suitable for any entrepreneur and not only the musical entrepreneur. Daniel also provides tonnes more value bombs in every video.

Daniel always reacts to my comments and he also treats his channels as more of a vehicle from which he builds relationships with subscribers. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for every YouTuber.

11 We Make Dance Music

The WMDM YouTube channel is run by a guy called Mikas. In every video, Mikas builds a track in a different genre. There is also plenty of encouragement for you to follow suit and create products in your own DAW that you can sell on WMDM.

Mikas is another guy who treats his YouTube channel as a vehicle to build relationships with the viewers. Therefore, I can also class him as a friend.

12 Make Music Income

Make Music Income is probably the closest thing to Krannaken TV that you will find here. Similarly to Krannaken TV, this is more about making money with your music. I enjoy the content and I can recommend it to you.

13 Continued Professional Development For Musicians With Adam Ivy

Adam Ivy is known as a ranter – a very wise ranter (and this is an entertaining aspect), but still a ranter. Adam likes to tell it to you like it is. He is very similar to Damian Keyes in the way he presents his videos as you will find out next, but Adam does bring a lot of great advice and expertise to the table. Check out more about Adam Ivy in the video below…

14 Damian Keyes

Just like Adam Ivy, Damian Keyes is also a ranter. Damian talks about similar aspects of music as Adam. He brings his own flavours of experience and expertise to the table. If you like Adam Ivy’s videos, you will also be a fan of Damian Keyes.

Online Courses as an Option of Continued Professional Development For Musicians

The main difference between these different forms of media is that courses are usually monetised. I say usually because one strategy used by tutors is to have a free example course to whet their students’ appetites. Therefore, people will want more and (as the tutor’s hope) will part with some cash for a paid course or website membership.

15 Stock Music Licensing Academy

Daniel’s courses are also highly recommended purchases if you are looking for continued professional development for stock musicians. Daniel always hyperlinks his resources in the YouTube video descriptions on his YouTube courses. Again, I can really recommend that you check out the Stock Music Licensing Academy. There is a free course. However, some of them are only around $17 and the most expensive are only a couple of hundred dollars.

Loopcloud Sounds

16 Sonic Academy

Sonic Academy is typically updated with new courses twice per week. One of these courses is only one video. However, the other courses have multiple videos and they can really benefit your music. My music production skills did not take off until I joined Sonic Academy.

Membership of Sonic Academy is somewhere around $10 per month so it really is a no-brainer and if you can spare $10, this makes it a fantastic investment.

My own music production skills did not take off until I joined Sonic Academy

David Verney,, March 2022

17 Producertech

Just like Sonic Academy, Producertech caters exclusively for the electronic music producer. However, Producertech talks more about hardware and software than the actual skills that go into producing great music. Therefore, if you are looking for skills, Sonic Academy is probably better. However, if you are looking for software tutorials, Producertech will be the ticket. Producertech doesn’t publish as many videos as Sonic Academy with new courses being released on a monthly basis rather than a weekly one.

The benefits of using Producertech are that they provide more samples, more freebies and they also have more of a community thing going on. You will also find remix competitions taking place throughout the year.

continued professional development for musicians

18 Blinkist

Blinkist is my favourite way to fall asleep at night. Although my wife doesn’t really like to go to sleep with the audio playing, I sometimes get to bed before her. When I do, Blinkist will be heard playing away until my wife comes to bed. Whatever your situation is, you need to make time to listen to Blinkist. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Blinkist is my favourite way to fall asleep at night

David Verney,, March 2022

Continued Professional Development For Musicians – Conclusions

You now have access to some fantastic resources for continued professional development for musicians. Therefore, you have no excuse. You really need to get learning and get earning. I am thinking of putting together a list of musical instrument tutorial sites. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below. Alternatively, if you have anything else you want me to cover here on, please also let me know in the comments section below.

If you would like to read any of my other posts, please choose from the list below. Thanks for reading this post about continued professional development for musicians.