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Over the years, the music business rapidly changed from having big music labels control everything to putting the power with indie and solo music makers. The internet changed the dynamics of how we present music. Regardless, if you’re in the business, you need to work around these changes.

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Over the years, the music business rapidly changed from having big music labels control everything to putting the power with indie and solo music makers. The internet changed the dynamics of how we present music. Regardless, if you’re in the business, you need to work around these changes.

Any music business needs to make fantastic music first. Once you have the right songs, it’s time to get more eyes on them. Here are 6 tips for better music marketing that can skyrocket you to success.

  1. Get A Website

Most artists don’t understand the importance of a website. But, it’s more than just a place to buy your music. A website can be the hub of your entire marketing efforts. Everything you do funnels through your website, so you need a site that is both well designed and optimized.

Having a website is a non-negotiable marketing process that will give you complete freedom to control your message. Having a website gives you a central place to post your music. You can host videos, list your tour dates, and link to the rest of your online presence. Having a website is your starting point.

A website provides an easy place for people to learn more about you. It’s where you showcase your newest releases, highlight your music videos, and sell your merchandise.

  1. Utilize Several Marketing Channels

One of the most prominent mistakes musicians make is focusing too heavily on one form of media. For example, if you only post on Facebook, you’re missing out on half your potential customer base. To effectively market yourself to the world, you need strong content and a robust social presence. You should spend the majority of your time doing both. 

Social media lets you interact with your audience. It allows you to directly inform your followers about your new music and upcoming shows. But, social media isn’t the end-all, be-all of your marketing plans. 

You also need a home base, like the website, where you sell music and merch. You should regularly update your site with fresh content. This includes new EP’s, singles, pictures, and news. It’s also essential to take advantage of physical media.

Pressed vinyl records are often overlooked as a marketing tool. However, they can be very effective if done right. Vinyl records can land you radio play, add credibility to your artist brand, and help you stand out. Many vinyl heads are also experimental with their music, which is fantastic for indie music labels.

  1. Start Blogging 

Starting a blog is one of the best things to start doing. It gives your visitors a place to learn more about you; it can build your email list. You would need a fantastic blog that contains insightful posts. Don’t just ramble and jump from topic to subject. Instead, have a theme with a consistent voice.

A blog is the heart of your content marketing campaign. It puts all your other efforts into perspective. Your blog is where you write about your creative process and its journey to create an album. 

But, your blog can also focus on your fans. It gives them insight into your personality, favorite bands, and influences. It can also educate them about your new album and some of your previous projects. 

When writing, it’s important to be personal and relatable. You need to let your readers know who you are and why you started making music. Remember, your fans and followers support you because they already like you. They’re interested in everything you do, so give them more reasons to love you. 

  1. Build A Network

The best way to build a solid network is by meeting other artists. Whether you attend local concerts or go to conferences, networking with other creatives can be fantastic for building the relationships that matter. Building relationships with other creatives means you’ll be able to help each other. 

You’ll also be able to create friendships that last a lifetime. Having a network of like-minded individuals can also be helpful when looking for connections. Your friends can help you grow your local fan base and give you more industry contacts.

Investors can also help you connect with like-minded individuals. They can provide you with valuable feedback and support. They can also keep you on track and help you avoid making the same mistake twice. 

Other creatives and business owners can be extremely valuable. For instance, finding an illustrator or web designer could be mutually beneficial if you run a record label. You can also collaborate with other musicians and work together on other projects. 

  1. Create A Dedicated Fan Base

The best marketing strategy is to build an active fanbase. It will make you more successful, allowing you to charge more for your services. But, how do you build a following? 

There are lots of ways to grow a captive audience. You can start by giving away free downloads, posting videos on YouTube, and commenting on popular blogs. You can also use paid ads on social media, becoming more and more effective. 

But, the best way to grow your base is with live shows. You shouldn’t overlook the power of live gigs. They help you connect with your fans who’re there to see you perform. It’s also a more intimate environment, making for a memorable experience. Live performances are a powerful way to show off your talent. 

  1. Utilize Data Analytics For Your Tracks

No matter where your fans are, you can target them. Using analytics allows you to connect with potential listeners. But, using data won’t just help you find them. The most powerful way to use data is to tailor your marketing campaigns. 

You want to find people who are likely to listen to your tracks and filter out those who aren’t expected to respond. You do this by gathering all the data about your subscribers. 

You want to see where they are located, what city they originated from, and their interests. Then, you use this data to tailor your campaigns and attract more of the right people. 

You can gather this information by tracking codes in your videos and downloads. Track marketing metrics to see how your music performs. Your customers respond to these tags, which allow them to opt-in and share their information.

The Bottom Line

Today, the music industry has changed a lot from how it used to be. Music is more accessible than ever before, and it has never been easier to get your tracks heard. But, that doesn’t mean that you don’t need an effective strategy to market your craft.

Music marketing does not stop making music and creating a mountain of tracks. It involves connecting with your community, building your network, and making yourself available everywhere. Talk to us today and find out how we can help you get the world listening to the beautiful music you make.

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