Singer and musician, Alex Genadinik is back with a new song and a new YouTube channel. Alex is a talented singer, songwriter, musician and guitarist and if you like folk music, you will enjoy what you hear from Alex.

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Introducing the Ukraine-Born Singer and Musician,, Alex Genadinik

As well as being a singer and guitarist, Alex is also a top 1% earner on the video course site, Udemy. He has taught literally hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of life and specialises in business and marketing. He takes pride in his work and is passionate about helping other people to grow personally and professionally.

Born in Ukraine, Alex now lives in New York City and has done for the past 20 or so years. However, he is also proud of his roots and isn’t afraid to talk passionately about Ukraine.

Girl With a Pearl Earring by Alex Genadinik

Alex is joined by a number of musicians in Girl With A Pearl Earring. This includes a female vocalist, a drummer, a pianist and a bassist. These musicians are accompanying Alex in this song.

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of Girl With A Pearl Earring is that Alex is singing in a duet with a female singer. This adds more interest to the song and the interaction between the two singers is a fresh idea in Alex’s music.

Alex is Improving As a Guitarist

Alex is also growing as a singer and guitarist as well as being a good all-round singer and musician. There is an exceptionally appealing instrumental part of the song where Alex displays his skills on the guitar. It is nice to hear that he is growing as a performer.

Alex’s Songwriting Skills As a Singer and Musician

Alex’s songwriting skills also take on a new dimension with the writing of this song. It features well-constructed verses chorus and an ideal amount of time for the instrumental part to come in and impress those listening to it.

The Video to Girl With A Pearl Earring

The music video shows real videography skill in Girl With A Pearl Earring. Alex’s videos have always been great, but the actual video to Girl With A Pearl Earring is exceptional. We have images of the girl with the pearl earring that fade to show other scenes.

One of Alex’s favourite spots seems to be by the waterside. This location has appeared in Alex’s other music videos.

What is Girl With A Pearl Earring About

The song is about a girl who appears in the video as a painting. However, there are parts in the video where we see the girl behind the picture. It shows the girl in motion.

The original painting was by Johannes Vermeer. It features a girl with more questions than there are answers. Is she happy or sad? Is she turning towards the painter or away from them? These questions add also more points to ponder about for an inquisitive mind.

The female vocalist also takes the role of the girl and she sings about waiting for her true love to come and be with her. The female vocalist sings 8 lines of the song. However, she is the centre of attention throughout.

Where Can Girl With A Pearl Earring Be Improved?

One thing Alex could do in his spot by the waterside is to play the guitar on the video rather than simply hold the instrument as though he is playing. We can see and hear that Alex is a good singer and musician, but he can still improve. That would make the video a whole lot better and give him a much more professional image.

Overall Impressions of Girl With A Pearl Earring by Singer and Musician Alex Genadinik

Overall impressions are very positive. As a singer and musician, Alex is growing all the time and is definitely progressing very well. The song is a nice, feel-good song. If you are feeling depressed and down, this song has the potential to make you smile again.

If you want to support Alex as a singer and musician in the future, please subscribe to his YouTube channel. You will find more of his current repertoire and older songs on YouTube.

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