XayberOptix I Wish I Knew

XayberOptix has made one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs I have heard in a very long time. The song entitled I Wish I Knew features some jaw-dropping textures with pure quality sounds that could quite easily be reminiscent of a journey through Heaven. In this post, I have the privilege of reviewing I Wish I Knew by XayberOptix – the first Cyberpunk song I have reviewed on this blog…but hopefully not the last.

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Who Is XayberOptix?

Xayberoptix is an electronic music producer from Texas in the United States. He uses the Reaper DAW to create relaxing music. I Wish I Knew is a typical example of the beauty of his music. He writes a good amount of music that is featured on Relaxing Music Station, a YouTube channel, that, as the name suggests, features relaxing music by various different artists. This gives him a certain amount of exposure to his music. However, the more exposure he can get to his music, the better for everyone. This music really does need to be heard.

What Was Good About the Song?

Apart from the hauntingly beautiful music in itself, I Wish I Knew does not have any obvious repetition which is apparent in a lot of electronic music. There is also a good balance of frequencies across the spectrum and all elements are equally beautiful.

Where Can XayberOptix improve I Wish I Knew?

The only thought I can give to the improvement of the song itself is that it is fairly lengthy. This is completely opinionated, but the progressive nature of the song makes it a little long. However, I love the song. It’s perfect for me in a lot of ways. In saying that it is a little long, I am attempting to be empathetic to someone who doesn’t know the genre, is completely new to electronic music and so doesn’t understand it. They may also consider that it is a little long.

I Wish I Knew also needs to reach a much bigger audience. It needs to be found by many, many more people because it is so beautiful. However, at the time of posting XayberOptix only has 6 monthly Spotify listeners. I know I will listen to I Wish I Knew again many times in the future because it’s an incredibly beautiful piece of music. I also know that millions of people would love this music. It just needs to find the right opportunity and the right market. In short, it needs to be heard by many more people.

What Rating Would I Give This Song?

If I was going to give I Wish I Knew a rating between one and ten, it would break the scale. It is beautiful and I feel so blessed to have been able to review it.

Where Can I Listen to I Wish I Knew?

I Wish I Knew is available for you to listen to and enjoy on the XayberOptix YouTube channel, the XayberOptix Spotify channel and also check this amazing song out at Vocal Sync’s YouTube channel.

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