Ananda Xenia Shakti - No More Limits

After supporting legendary punk-rock band, The Clash, Ananda Xenia Shakti is back with another great song called No More Limits. It is with great honour that Ananda has asked to review her song. It is a great pleasure to work with someone who knows the industry inside and out as Ananda does.

Who is Ananda Xenia Shakti?

In the words of Gabriel Mazza from WeAreMX, Ananda Xenia Shakti is “one of Canada‚Äôs most active pioneers in the field, delivering compositions that want to wrap the listener into a meaningful journey of self-discovery and self-reflection”.

Ananda’s work brings several genres together in a more relaxing and contemplative way. These genres include world, dance and pop music as well as music for relaxation and meditation.

Ananda Xenia Shakti - No More Limits

What Else Is On Her Resume?

As well as supporting The Clash, Ananda Xenia Shakti has also supported much of Blondie’s work as a backing singer. Ananda worked specifically with Blondie on the album, Autoamerican.

As well as the already mentioned credits, Ananda has also amassed more than 100,000 Spotify streams of her music. This is a significant number and it is rare to find someone who can boast this figure.

Another excellent honour that Ananda Xenia Shakti has achieved very recently is a place in the top 3 of the iTunes Charts for the United Kingdom. This should help to boost her career further.

Ananda’s music videos on YouTube have also been viewed more than 40,000 times. Her video Love Is Where You Are has received 14,000 views. Another of her videos, Cosmic Quiver, has received 12,000 views

No More Limits by Ananda Xenia Shakti – Thoughts on the Sound

The actual song is a beautiful and meditative soundtrack that will help you to unwind at the end of the day. It is definitely more dance-inspired with a fairly slow, but steady tempo. The song includes vocals and pads as well as two different keyboard sounds. These latter keyboard sounds include a piano and also some pads.

The MTS blog describes No More Limits as a song that expresses our evolution to New Earth. It is a song full of love and inspiration and a mirror of the High Vibrational Light at the core of every human being. The song offers instruction on how to navigate life It takes the listener on a journey from limited ideas to living the full and unlimited cosmic ideals of Heaven-bound earth beings.

The song is full of positive affirmations. These include affirmations such as, “There are no more limits to your beauty or your love”, “you are love”, “You make me happy”, The music also delivers a series of affirmations close to the end of the song. The words are meant to relax and are ideal for meditative sessions.

Ananda Shakti

Ananda Xenia Shakti – No More Limits – Conclusion

Ananda’s music is ideal for relaxing at the end of a busy day. They are also ideal for any meditative sessions.

No More Limits is a song that continues Ananda’s trademark style. It is beautiful and if you are looking for meditative music that doesn’t have any religious significance, but a focus on nature and the world around you, No More Limits is an excellent choice.

If you would like to discover more of Ananda Xenia Shakti’s music, you are welcome to see her Spotify profile here. You are also welcome to subscribe to Ananda Xenia Shakti on YouTube here.