Thy Veils – Influx: Reviewed

Influx by Thy Veils is a song full of meaning. It is about the collective consciousness of us all. This includes what we feel, envision, desire, experience, dream and also what we remember. It is a song about unity and togetherness. Therefore, it is a privilege to be able to review Influx right here on

Influx – Thy Veils: Lyrics

Lyrics by Han Shan & Daniel Dorobantu

Verse 1

Heart is like the moon

Bright in the deep green pool

Nothing can compare with it

You tell me how this can be


There is a way I ride

Ocean of stars inside

Verse 2

When the sky’s awake

And the moon shows it’s bright face

Wind and grace and shore

It comes and goes but not through doors

Who are Thy Veils?

Thy Veils are one of Romania’s most prolific and innovative groups. The group is led by Daniel Dorobanțu who also plays the synths. Other group members also include bass guitarist Mircea Ardeleanu Jr and singer Maria Hojda. Maria’s voice stands out as a reassuring and comforting gift. It brings hope in a time of uncertainty.

Thy Veils - Maria Hojda - by Iulian Ignat

Where Did the Inspiration For the Lyrics Come From?

The inspiration behind the lyrics finds a balance between the wisdom of legendary zen poet Han Shan (Cold Mountain) and Daniel Dorobantu’s transcendental poetics.

Is Influx on an Album?

Influx is an excellent addition to the forthcoming Thy Veils album, “Next Forever”. In keeping with the style of Influx, the entire album of Next Forever will also be a funk-infused, celestial and supersonic trip through time and space.

As a UK citizen, I would describe the sound of Thy Veils as similar to The Cure. The singing and acid lines are all similar to something that The Cure would create.

Thy Veils Live in Escape 2022 - Maria and Daniel - by Anita Ramona 03

What Do I Think Could Make the Song Better?

It would be quite easy to say Influx is tuneless. However, that is its aim and the qualities of the song include the fact that it doesn’t follow a set tune. I would also think that Mircea’s bass doesn’t deviate much from the main hook. However, the sound quality is fantastic and the song is meant to be as it is. There is nothing wrong there and Thy Veils is only stronger because of this kind of music. The tuneless nature of Influx also gives it the very artistic expression that it is meant to have.

Mircea Ardeleanu Jr.

What is the Thy Veils Aim With Influx as a Piece of Artwork?

The ambition of the band with the song Influx is very definitely on the more psychedelic side. Therefore, if you need to relax and forget the world, this music would be an excellent choice.. Influx has a more danceable and energetic rhythm, but its intention is definitely more concerned with relaxation and meditation.

Thy Veils Live in Escape 2022 - Maria and Daniel - by Georgiana Feidi

A Brief History of Thy Veils

Daniel Dorobantu first started Thy Veils in 1995 as a solo project. It should be noted that Daniel turned Thy Veils into a pioneering name on the Romanian ambient music scene before it became an ensemble.

Then in 2008, the project became an ensemble. The musical experience became an audio-visual experience. As Daniel put it, “we do all of our videos, live visuals, photography, artworks, the whole visual dimension”.

Maria and Mircea joined Daniel in Thy Veils in 2020. The addition of the other musicians introduced a much wider artistic soundscape palette and also a more versatile range of opportunities.

Nowadays, the band have 3,250 YouTube subscribers. Therefore, as the band consider the visual experience to be just as important as the audio, the main focus of their online work is available through YouTube. This means that the whole experience is available to the right audience.

Thy Veils - Daniel Dorobantu live

For further information about Thy Veils by either visiting any of the links above. You can also follow them on their various socials below. Thanks for reading this post.

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