Bunny Daniels Mute

Today, I have the privilege of reviewing Bunny Daniels’ new song, “Mute” which is now available on any good music streaming or retail platform. If you like the song, please don’t forget to save it or add it to your favourite playlist on Spotify.

Who is Bunny Daniels?

Bunny is a singer who grew up doing what she does best. Her mother was in a Church choir and she used to take Bunny with her to her choir practice. Therefore, due to this influence, Bunny grew up as a singer and she joined the choir at a relatively young age.

In her teenage years, Bunny was encouraged to sing solo. Singing solo in front of her first large crowd was such an overwhelming experience that Bunny decided to make her music career her priority. She wanted to sing and experience the same buzz and excitement that she generated through her music.

From there, Bunny crafted her own signature sound. As musicians, we see the importance of creating our own sound. I also believe that having your own sound will make you more authentic and popular. It is no good sounding like someone else. Therefore, people want to listen to you for your sound.

What is the Unmistakeable Bunny Daniels Sound?

Bunny’s sound blends elements of pop, R&B and gospel into one. She wants to be remembered for making people feel good. Music is her escape and she wants to share her paradise with everyone.

As well as her musical success, Bunny has also found success as both an actress and also as a dancer. Bunny has found success on Broadway and has been featured as a singer, dancer and actress in Sesame Street Live. Furthermore, Bunny has also booked a place in a feature film this year.

Additional Bunny Daniels Info

As well as her singing, acting and dancing, Bunny Daniels is also a writer who arranges and sings all the parts of her songs. Although I have already mentioned in the Bunny Daniels sound that she focuses more on R&B, pop and gospel, she is open to any genre of music. This makes her music much more versatile. Therefore, she appeals to fans of many different genres.

Details About Mute

The opening few bars of Mute feature a paparazzi-style scene. The idea behind this is that she wants young people (especially girls and young women) to feel like they are the special people that they really are. The song promotes self-love. It powerfully suggests that you should love yourself for you and screw the world. If you have haters, you should just ignore them. Everybody has haters and this is pecially true of people who are in the limelight and who are in the public eye.

Where Can You Learn More About Bunny Daniels?

It is great to see that Bunny Daniels is present on TikTok and Instagram which are a major deal right now for younger adults to find and discover new music. She is prolific with her micro-content and also makes YouTube Shorts. You can also follow, like, subscribe and all that good stuff on Bunny’s socials below…

Mute was first released in July this year. Please see the embedded version of Mute above. Alternatively, please also follow Bunny on Spotify.