Richy Snyder How Deep Is The Ocean

How Deep is the Ocean by Richy Snyder is one of those songs that takes me back to the kind of music I would listen to in my student days. It is ideal for jazz clubs and hotel bars. The first time I heard the track was late last night and it was perfect for the moment.

As I said in yesterday’s post, I am not offering any affiliate banners or links in these review posts. I believe it takes away the focus of the post which is the artist and their music. As I am paid to make these posts, I want to give these musicians the best exposure possible. That means that I am offering you a full 100% insight into How Deep Is The Ocean by Richy Snyder in today’s post.

Who is Richy Snyder?

The careers of many artists started after being discovered on the radio. Richy Snyder is one who is pushing for radio play. I believe that being on the right radio station at the right time could really benefit both Richy Snyder and also the person listening. This would ideally be a more chilled station and late at night. Therefore, Richy asks you to write to your local radio station, college radio station, hospital radio station, internet radio station or any radio station that is looking for fantastic music to play.

Richy Snyder is a crooner whose voice is accompanied by a piano, drums and guitar in How Deep is the Ocean. If you love the likes of Bing Crosby or Nat King Cole, Richy Snyder is definitely one for you to watch out for.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I always do some research into the artist who I am reviewing. Like Sanjana Nuwan Bandara from yesterday, Google doesn’t pick up a lot about Richy Snyder. However, Richy has given me access to his Facebook page which appears to be his main social media platform. This is confirmed when you see both the numbers of fans he has on Facebook and also the engagement he gets on his posts. All posts have more than 10 likes, loves or reactions. Richy also has around 13,000 Facebook fans. Way to go Richy!

Richy also has a popular YouTube channel. He has 211 subscribers, but around 1,900 views of How Deep is the Ocean. I feel Richy could and should be getting more YouTube subscribers as YouTube is a very popular platform for music.

What Do I Like About How Deep is the Ocean?

As I said in the opening paragraph, the song takes me back to late nights as a student. If you know of any radio station that typically plays this sort of music, Richy Snyder would be really grateful if you could share this song with them. Just send them the Spotify link.

Where Do I Think Richy Snyder Could Improve How Deep Is The Ocean?

I don’t know whether Richy would agree with me, but I can’t see a whole lot of room for improvement. It does what it sets out to do. However, there are changes to the way that Richy markets his music that I would suggest.

These marketing changes would be that Richy should develop his socials more. The Facebook profile is excellent with a decent number of fans with excellent engagement figures. However, I think Richy should be developing other social media platforms too. Richy should look at growing his Instagram following and building up his Spotify listeners and YouTube subscribers. These two latter platforms are very important for musicians of any genre of music.

Learn More About Richy Snyder

If you want to learn more about Richy Snyder, please feel free to like his Facebook page and also to subscribe to him on YouTube. If you want to help Richy to get more exposure to his music, please don’t forget to write to any local stations and ask them to play How Deep is the Ocean. Thank you for reading this post.