Voltage Modular review

Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio is the future of modular synthesis for those who love to craft new sounds online. It is inexpensive, yet you can fit it in an external hard drive with as many modules, presets and works in progress as you could possibly imagine. This is a review of Voltage Modular Nucleus and Voltage Modular Ignite.

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Get Voltage Modular Nucleus for Free

Voltage Modular is Cherry Audio’s secret weapon. It comes in different options. There is even a free version. You won’t get as much functionality as you would find in the paid version. However, it’s still one of the most popular freebies on Plugin Boutique.

The free version comes with more than 20 modules, the main host software for Voltage Modular and as many as 176 presets. I did tell you it is one of the most popular freebies out there.

The ratings of Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular Nucleus is as follows…

Voltage Modular Nucleus ratings

As you see from the screenshot above, the sound quality and value for money (it is 100% free) are flawless.

However, one cannot forget that this is modular synthesis and wherever that term applies, it leaves scores of people complicated as to how to use it. It is recommended that you pick some presets and have a play with the presets rather than having to engineer your own sounds from scratch.

There are 176 presets on the free version of Voltage Modular. It is considered only to warrant 4 stars out of a potential 5. Although this is good, I think it’s a little harsh. However as can be seen there are more than 7900 responses so one cannot complain. With that much response, these scores have to be very accurate.

You can pick up Voltage Modular Nucleus here.

How about Voltage Modular Ignite?

Voltage Modular Ignite is the paid version of Voltage Modular. It includes more than 40 modules. It should be noted that you can use as many of each module as you like. Therefore, you could have four sequencers, 8 oscillators, etc. The world is your oyster and there is nothing stopping you from creating any sound you can imagine with it.

I recall a Masterclass with Deadmau5. He recommended using modular synthesis above all. It is vital as music artists that we create our own sound. As I have said before: Why do you want to sound like Armin Van Buuren? Armin is a fantastic musician, yes. However, if people want to listen to Armin, they will. They won’t listen to you. You’ll be just a cheap knock-off. Therefore, you need to sound like you.

The ratings of Voltage Modular Ignite are as follows.

Voltage Modular Ignite ratings

As you will see from this screenshot, Voltage got five stars out of five for sound quality, value for money and features. However, it only scored four stars out of five for ease of use and presets.

Sound Quality

There was never any issue with the sound quality. That is perfect with Ignite as well as on Nucleus.

Value For Money of Voltage Modular

Of course, it is going to get a great rating for value for money. In older studios, physical modular synthesisers were not only thousands of dollars to purchase. They also took up a lot of room and were expensive to run. Voltage modular, on the other hand, is much cheaper to purchase, much cheaper to run, takes up less room and still has the fantastic sound quality and potential.

Ease of Use

Ease of use only got a four-star rating. This should be expected with modular synthesis. It can be very complicated as There can be millions of sounds created through modular synthesis that you would never have even conceived. Its complexity makes Voltage Modular more difficult to use as a result. At the time of writing, Voltage Modular Ignite is available from Plugin Boutique for only £19.96. Normally, it is at a cost of £79, but is on sale right now.


Features got a five-star rating. This is because there are more than 40 modules. Further modules can be purchased. Complex sounds can be created through the addition of multiple instances of the same modules. This is another feature that isn’t open to physical module synthesisers.

Presets on Voltage Modular

Even though there are 296 presets on Voltage Modular, it has only got four stars. This may be a little harsh. However, again there are a lot of ratings and a total number of 561 people have rated it on Plugin Boutique. Therefore, it should be an acceptable response.

The beauty of modular synthesis is in playing with different sounds and not using any sound on any track. Too many electronic music producers will stick with a sound because they think it’s adequate. You don’t want to be just adequate. You want your music to be fantastic. Therefore, you should be aiming to make your own sound. Sound different. Make something great.


The overall rating for Voltage Modular Ignite is five stars. I don’t think anybody can complain about that.

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