El Pikarro

Today, I had the honour of interviewing El Pikarro who spoke of his life as a rapper and his song Asi Como Vivo. For those of you who are interested, the translation is quite simple. It means, “This is How I Live”. Initially, this was going to be a review of Asi Como Vivo. However, it was difficult due to the language barrier. So, I chose to offer El Pikarro an interview and he did not disappoint.

The Interview With El Pikarro

1. Where was El Pikarro born?  Where does he live now?

I was born in Italy and grew up in Cuba and in Italy. When I was 18 i moved to Gran Canaria where I live now.

2. Where did El Pikarro grow up?

I grew up in Calcinato (Brescia) in the north of Italy and Tricase (Lecce) in Salento. Salento is one of the most amazing places in Italy.

3. What was your best memory of music when you were younger?

Regardless of whether I was good or bad, happy or sad, music has always made me dance, smile and disconnect from everything.

4. How long has El Pikarro been rapping?

I started in rapping 2019, but my first single is Thanos with Dr. Groove (my Producer), and now he is my best friend. All the songs that I have published are from his hands. For me, he is one of the best producers in Italy.

5. What music artists do El Pikarro look to for inspiration?

I will listen to all kinds of music. One day, I can listen to country. Another day, I will listen to reggaeton and on another day, hardcore. With my music, I don’t consider myself to have a genre. My genre is El Pikarro. I make my own sound and I see that as vitally important.

6. Why does El Pikarro find those artists inspirational?

I find the vibes they give me are very inspirational.

7. Are there any other inspirational people in your life?  If so who and why?

My mother, whom I’ve never met, but we met in 2018. Since then, she has become one of the few people who believes in me and works in the El pikarro project.

8. When did your rapping passion begin?

The first time I encountered Dr. Groove, I fell in love with the sound. Both how I felt and the hunger I had while recording at that time and still today, I knew I wanted to make music my full-time career. The trait Dr Groove has left me with is spectacular. It is amazing what he does.

9. What do you like to rap about?

Life, emotions, moments and events.

10. What has El Pikarro’s music taught himabout life?

Discipline, calmness and mental stability. It is an outlet that I use to pour out my thoughts and feelings.

11: Do you have another job outside of your music?


12. What else does El Pikarro like to do with your free time?

Music and music and music.

13: Are any of your family or friends musical?  If so, what do they play?  What is their favourite genre to make music in?

Nobody in my family does music. I am the only one.

14: Do you want to be a full-time music artist?  If so, have you always wanted to be a full-time music artist?

Yes for sure

15: What would be your best advice to yourself when you were a 14-year-old boy?

Don’t waste time, put discipline into what you do.

16: What would be your best advice to younger musicians?

Focus on where you want to go before doing anything

17: What is the story behind Asi Como Vivo?

It is an outburst due to so many disastrous situations connected to my life.

18: What is most important to you – music or words? and why is it more important?

Music, because the musicality of a text or a melody is for the whole world. It has no frontiers.

19: Is El Pikarro open to the possibility of collaborating (working on music) with other artists?

I am free, open-minded and am happy to work with musicians of any genre.

20: Where can people learn more about El Pikarro?

El Pikarro: People can reach out to me through Instagram. My profile can be found at https://www.instagram.com/elpikarro/

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