Third Development – Auras: Reviewed

I am excited to bring you my review of Auras by Third Development because it is exactly the kind of song I would choose to listen to and not just review. If you love songs like The Beloved’s “The Sun Rising” or The Stranglers, “Always the Sun”, you will love this song by Third Development too.

Who are Third Development?

Third Development started just two years ago with their debut album, “The Thought of Tomorrow” in 2020. Since then, they have gone on to build a significant fanbase with more than 7,600 monthly listeners on Spotify.

The band offers a 1980s-style synth and 90’s inspired electronica. Soundalike artists include The Beloved and The Stranglers who were previously mentioned. However, the lyrics are reminiscent of Neneh Cherry with a mixture of gorgeous female vocals and breathless rapping.

Third Development have worked with some notable figures. These people include Grammy-winning, New York-based Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar, Mix Engineer and Producer Sara Fedia from Italy, Flutist Livia Schweizer from Finland, Rapper Minx from the United Kingdom, Lucid Letters from the UK and Mila Sade from the USA. Therefore, it is an international collaboration and this adds to the interest of the song.

Story Behind Auras

The song celebrates the return of Manchester-based vocalist Kintsuku to the band.

The song is an upbeat blend of electronica and atmospheric world music. UK-based rapper, Minx, lays down the rap in the song which seamlessly mixes with Kintsuku’s lead vocals.

Auras offers a sexy escape to the listener and fits perfectly within the ‘Etherea’ genre which is the sound that has been created uniquely by Third Development.

What Do I Like About the Song?

As mentioned in the introduction to this post, I would listen to this song anyway. The fact that I have been asked to review it only gives me even more of an excuse. I love the way that the song reminds me of The Beloved’s The Sun Rising and The Stranglers’ Always the Sun. However, the song also reminds me of Neneh Cherry and also Tasmin Archer. I love the music of all of these artists. Therefore, this song by Third Development is definitely something I will listen to for years to come.

What Could Be Improved?

I think Third Development have knocked the nail on the head with this track. I love the sound and the created soundscapes are beautiful. However, there could be improvements. There is always room for growth of their fanbase. 7,600 plus monthly Spotify listeners is a fantastic number. However, Third Development need to push Auras more and get more and more people to listen to this incredible song.

Where Can You Learn More About Third Development?

Now that you are dying to know where you can learn more about Third Development. I am their number one fan now. I love this band. Third Development are definitely a band I will look out for in the future. If you would also like to learn more about Third Development, you can find them on YouTube here. Alternatively, you can find them on Spotify here. You can also find them on Instagram here and also on Facebook here. You are also welcome to visit Third Development’s website here.

Thank you for reading this post. If you would like me to review your music, you can learn more here.

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