Ruben Simonsen Going Crazy ToneAffair

After a long break from music due to COVID, Ruben Simonsen is back with a new song and a new EP. Going Crazy is the name of this song. Going Crazy also features ToneAffair. In today’s post, we will look at the track in greater detail and show you why you need to keep an eye on Ruben Simonsen.

Who is Ruben Simonsen?

Ruben Simonsen is a songwriter from the beautiful city of Tromse in Norway. It’s one place I have been to and loved it. It is no wonder that some of the greatest musicians in world history have come from that part of the world.

Who is ToneAffair?

ToneAfair is also known as Julian Laping. ToneAffair is a Berlin-based producer. He has got a star-studded resume after writing music for the Berlin club scene. He has also produced for GOT so is the ideal person for Ruben Simonsen to join up with on this new work on Going Crazy and the EP.

Who Has Shown Interest in Going Crazy?

Ruben has been in talks with several high-profile labels about the promotion of Going Crazy, but he is unsure that he will join any. This is because of the state of labels these days.

As an artist myself, I know that a label is more interested in the following an artist has already gained. If an artist has a following, that counts more than the quality of the music. It is almost as though the label is out for a free ride. From my own experience, the artist ends up paying the label to represent them when the label always used to pay the artist a commission on the work they had done.

Going Crazy Ruben Simonsen ToneAffair

What Do I Think of Ruben Simonsen and His Song Going Crazy?

Going Crazy is typical of the kind of quality that has been coming from Scandinavian music artists for many years. The song reminds me of my all-time favourite band – Roxette. However, whereas Per Gessle always considered himself to be a guitar freak, this is more synth-based.

Going Crazy features an acoustic guitar as well as synths. This gives the song a fine soundscape. Going Crazy has a beautiful baseline too and there is a wide frequency range used throughout the song.

Where Do I Think Ruben Simonsen Can Improve?

The song is fantastic. I love it and I think more people will love it too. That is the only disappointing thing. The quality of Ruben’s work isn’t matched by a massive reception on streaming services. Ruben only has 150 monthly listeners on Spotify. I hope this post goes some way to addressing that issue and getting more ears behind the music where they should be.

Furthermore, Ruben Simonsen only has 76 YouTube subscribers at the time of writing. Come on world! You must hear this music. It is fantastic. I would like to suggest to Ruben as I know it will help him to build his music following, get more YouTube subscribers, get more Spotify subscribers and build a big fanbase.

Where Can You Learn More About Ruben Simonsen?

Make the world a better place. Start by making sure good music gets heard. You can do this by subscribing to Ruben on YouTube. I also recommend that you listen to Ruben Simonsen on Spotify too.

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