Make It Rain, Mike Berman

Country fans will love the sound of Mike Berman. Make It Rain is Mike’s newest song that was released as a single this year (2022). Mike, based in Los Angeles, uses a terrific blend of country, rock and folk in the music he writes. Make It Rain is typical of Mike’s style.

Who is Mike Berman?

As already mentioned, Mike Berman is a singer-songwriter who writes songs in a unique blend of country, folk and rock music. Mike takes his inspiration from the likes of The Byrds, Jackson Browne, Carole King and Bakersfield heroes such as Merle Haggard. Mike likes to tell stories through his songs and with Make It Rain, he doesn’t deviate from that principle.

What is Make It Rain About?

Make it Rain is Mike’s plea to God of the land and the soul. Some areas of the world have too much rain. However, Mike is singing about a region that is parched, arid and hot. There is a distinct need for rain. I only wish I could send Mike Berman some of our rain! The song also compares rain to love. A man without love and with a need to be loved. He watches his soul without love as the ground is without rain.

What Do I Think of Make It Rain?

When I listen to Make It Rain, I feel light-heartedness and almost humour. I believe the message of the song is not supposed to be light-hearted or humorous. Furthermore, the tune is almost happy. The words Mike Berman uses are sad and heartfelt, but the tune is jolly and easy to listen to. There are no sad feelings when it comes to the melody. Therefore, I would almost consider adding it to an upbeat, positive and happy playlist.

I recommend putting a playlist together of songs that make you feel happy. Everyone feels sad sometimes. Therefore, I highly recommend that you do this because a happy playlist will bring your mood up. It doesn’t matter whether you do this on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube Music, iTunes, etc. Just make a playlist. You would have to consider this Mike Berman song as worthy of a place on your happy playlist. It makes me feel good anyway.

See Mike Berman in Concert

If you live in California, you really should see Mike Berman in concert. He is appearing in concert tomorrow (4th December 2022) and also on 7th December 2022 in Solvang, CA. Alternatively, you can also see him playing in Santa Monica, CA, on 4th February 2023. Please click here for further details on seeing Mike in concert.

Where Can Mike Berman Improve His Music?

Again, like so many of the artists I have reviewed recently on, Mike has a poor following. He only has 8 monthly Spotify listeners and 125 YouTube subscribers. The Spotify figure does go up and down fairly sporadically. Therefore, it doesn’t always give a good indication of popularity. However, it is a shame that Mike’s online following is small because Mike has plenty of talent. He is an exceptionally gifted songwriter. This is especially true when you see that Mike makes a happy melody out of a sad subject.

Where Can You Learn More About Mike Berman?

Please support Mike by subscribing to his YouTube channel, following him on Spotify, liking his Facebook page and following him on Instagram. You are also welcome to visit Mike’s website or check this page to subscribe to Mike’s mailing list, find out more about his performances and/or purchase music and merchandise..

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