Alias Wayne Love One Another

The new song, Love One Another, by Alias Wayne, is now available on all good music streaming platforms and music retail sites. Today, I get to review Love One Another right here on

Who is Alias Wayne?

Alias Wayne is a singer-songwriter who blends various different genres into his unique and unmistakable sound. Genres that were noted in Love One Another include acoustic rock, gospel, folk and blues. I also recognise some Christian influence. The song talks of, “the lion and the lamb”, the importance of loving one another and the children who, “walk on water”. As a Christian myself, I appreciate these lyrics.

What is the Meaning Behind Love One Another?

The lyrics of Love One Another show that it is a song of unity, love, peace and harmony. As already mentioned, I appreciate the Christian lyrics. These include references to “the lion and the lamb”, and the importance of loving one another and walking on the water. This is my idea of Heaven and I would assume that this is Alias Wayne’s idea of Heaven too.

Who Does Alias Wayne Sound Like?

According to Spotify’s Artist Radio, similar sounds to Alias Wayne come from a whole host of country and folk artists. The most notable of these is Bob Dylan. However, I can also distinguish a similar sound to Del Amitri’s Nothing Ever Happens. and Sound Assylum’s Runaway Train.

When looking at soundalike artists for Alias Wayne, I would consider the same weight. Does it use an acoustic guitar? Does the guitar use power chords? Are the lyrics as easy to understand? Is there a lot of meaning behind the words?

As far as meaning goes, artists like Alias Wayne who use a lot of lyrics have to be doubly talented. They have to consider the music as well as the words. Personally, I make instrumental electronic music which does not use lyrics. Therefore, I only consider the sound of the instruments that I use. Music with words, like practically all of the songs I have reviewed recently, have to consider lyrics as well as sound. Therefore, there is a lot more skill involved in making this music.

What Do I Like About Love One Another by Alias Wayne?

The first thing that strikes me about Love One Another is the relationship between the keys and the guitar. They compliment each other perfectly. Both can clearly be distinguished from the other.

Another element that suits the song is the vocals of Alias Wayne and the female backing singer. Again, these complement each other really well.

I also appreciate the diversity in drum patterns used in this Alias Wayne song. Typically, there would be more use of kick and snare drums. However, the fact that toms are used more in this song gives Love One Another a refreshing change. There is also a difference to the drum pattern throughout the song. The first verse uses more rim shots. The second verse uses the snares, and kicks and from the end of the third verse and second chorus, we hear those toms.

What Could Be Improved in Love One Another?

It would be good to hear a live recording of the song along with this original version. It would also be interesting to hear a remix or two. These are only ideas. The song itself is excellent.

Like so many of these artists who I am working with, the monthly Spotify listeners is too few for the quality of the music. It points to the fact that Spotify is probably a secondary way to access Alias Wayne’s music and that the purchase of CDs may still be more important. The low listener count is apparent on both YouTube and Spotify.

Where Can You Learn More About Alias Wayne?

If you want to learn more about Alias Wayne, you are welcome to subscribe to the YouTube channel, follow him on Spotify, and like the Facebook page. You are also very welcome to visit the website to learn more about the music of Alias Wayne. Thank you for reading this post.

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