Lilforeigner S0MB3R N1GHTM4R3

S0MB3R N1GHTM4R3 by Lilforeigner is a hard-hitting, hard dance track that also shows pain and raw emotion from the vocalist, offering a sense of pain, melancholy and tonnes of energy. Today, I am reviewing Lilforeigner’s EP S0MB3R N1GHTM4R3 that he released earlier this year (2022).

Who is Lilforeigner?

Lilforeigner (aka Matas Maciulis) is an 18-year-old Producer from Dublin in Ireland. In his music, Lilforeigner pours all of his raw emotions and feelings into the microphone. Therefore, the listener will experience the real pain and melancholy that goes into every word of Lilforeigner’s lyrics.



The S0MB3R N1GHTM4R3 EP starts with TURN ME UP. The initial few bars include a filtered pad that increases in volume as it is played. Maybe the attack level is lower and that also helps to build up the sound. The lyrics then start and this is followed by hip-hop- beat. There are a few things I really like about this.

The drum pattern is great. The song starts with a more hip-hop-type beat. It then becomes a drum’n’base beat, before reverting back to the hip-hop beat. This is followed by a hard house kick beat with four to the floor kicks. The drums and the vocals use a significant amount of distortion. That adds to the feeling that Lilforeigner is conveying to listeners.

Lilforeigner has more of a focus on the bass elements. This helps the hard dance aspects of the song to shine through.

TURN ME UP lasts for just over a minute (one minute and nine seconds).


The first thing I noticed about this song is one of the things I like best about the entire production. I love the lo-fi synth sound because it is simple, yet highly effective. I would guess that Lilforeigner created this sound from scratch using a square wave. The synth has a really great feeling to it and reminds me of something done by more experienced artists like Jean-Michel Jarre or Deadmau5. You are left wondering if lilforeigner also spends his time like Deadmau5 does. This is time creating new sounds in his studio.

N0T S0B3R shows the pain and feeling that goes into this music. I think there is probably more emotion in this song than on the other two songs on the release.

Another thing that I also like about N0T S0B3R is the vocal part. It has a great reverb and distortion. I think he’s like, “I don’t care about anything else, I just want to get completely wasted”. Is that the feeling that Lilforeigner is trying to convey because He does a good job of it.

The lyrics are also very clever in N0T S0B3R. I say this because they do what they are intending to do. They convey the vocalist’s emotion to the audience. That is to tell the world what to do and give a distinct feeling of hedonism. Like, forget everyone else. I just want to get wasted.

Lilforeigner S0MB3R N1GHTM4R3


Fans will remember the melody. The guitar part is very tuneful and includes a nice riff.

Again, we also hear the singer’s distorted voice with the reverb. I think he also uses a vocal synth on this song that he has probably used on the other tracks too. Something like Waves Ovox would fit the bill for this. It would be interesting to read an equipment list for this EP.

One thing that Lilforeigner does well in his music is in the placement of the different elements. They are spot-on and perfect throughout the production.

Marketing and Social Media for Lilforeigner

Lilforeigner has 121 monthly listeners on Spotify which is better than the majority of artists so he must be doing something right to get so many people to listen.

Where Can You Learn More About Lilforeigner?

If you also want to find out more and follow the music of Lilforeigner, you can do that on Spotify. Simply click here to go to his Spotify artist page. If you want to go directly to the EP, you can do that here.

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