S'eye aka Fazal Rehman Abstract Soul (Standing Tall)

Abstract Soul (Standing Tall) by S’eye is a heart-felt and poignant house music song that has a vital message to tell the world. This message is that love is all that matters. We may want to be wealthy. That’s ok, but it can never take the place of love in your life. The person who has most love is most loved and that is what counts in this life or the next. Whatever you believe about this life and the next, love will continue for eternity.

Who is S’eye?

I will let S’eye tell you more about himself in his own words…

Hey, my name is S’eye but formally known as Fazal Rehman. I am a Dj and a House/Dance music, producer/artist. i have been making music for almost 8 years now. I always was in love with dance music because of the feeling it gives you. It puts you in a trance. It can bring out so many emotions, happy, sadness, resent, can help with depression. I don’t really have a sub genre of dance music specifically because i make all different types. I love all music, so i make whatever touches your soul with a little S’eye twist.

My dad was a traditional Pakistani musician, singer, drummer, and composer. He used to sell out shows, so music has always been with me since i was young.

The song specifically that i am submitting is called “Abstract Soul (Standing Tall)” the intro man that is speaking is a rapper named Ab Soul. He was in a interview and when he said “I cried enough, i cried enough about it, I am choosing to laugh now, because i am here and i am standing tall” it stuck with me, i wanted to tell anyone that is going through it, that they are not alone.

Ab Soul lost his fiance to suicide, and ever since, he has been haunted by this. After the first drop in the song, there is another man that is speaking. He is actually homeless and he speaks about how love is the only way to move forward. People call him crazy, but i call him more awake than anyone. i want to. speak to my audience through my music, help them, make them feel. And this is why i created this song.

Fazal Rehman (S’eye) – December 2022

I would like to thank S’eye for this information. It would also be an honour and very interesting for me to interview S’eye here so will propose that to him separately. That will be in another post so please check back regularly.

More Information About S’eye

S’eye was born as Fazal Rehman in 1996 in the Greater Toronto area. His family didn’t have a whole lot of money and weren’t rich by anyone’s standards. However, the music is the one thing that S’eye grew up with. As mentioned above, S’eye’s father was a musician. Like so many musicians in this situation, Fazal grew to love dance music as a result of his musical upbringing.

During his childhood, Fazal moved no fewer than 16 times – finding himself living in hotels and even in a van at one point. Fazal travelled from home to home, time to time, without heat, water or food. His only thought was to provide a home with the necessities that his family needed in order to survive.

Fazal grew up as the youngest of 5 siblings. Furthermore, he was heavily influenced by anime. This included Dragon Ball Z, Naruto and Avatar The Last Airbender.

Abstract Soul (Standing Tall)

Where Did S’eye Get His Love For Music?

As already mentioned, the passion for music came from Fazal’s father who was a drummer in a band. Therefore, S’eye was exposed to a multitude of different genres. All of these have influenced his music at one time or another. Such genres include heavy rock, hip hop, country and also his biggest influence came from dance music.

The First Release: I Can Be

Fazal’s first release as S’eye was entitled, “I Can Be”. This was his first electronic dance music track and received some excellent exposure and great reception. I Can Be was praised for its “new genre” feel. It received radio air time on New York radio stations.

S’eye’s second release displayed a darker and deeper perspective of his life. It had a much different feel to his first release.

“I want people to really understand what I’m trying to say, without physically needing to speak. Music is the only language that EVERYONE understands. So that is how I will communicate.”

S’eye (taken from S’eye’s Spotify profile)

What Do I Like About Abstract Soul (Standing Tall)?

I love the fact that Standing Tall is conveying a real and vitally important message to its listeners. Love is far more important than financial wealth. From his name, I would hazard a guess that S’eye is a Muslim – or at least that he has come from a Muslim background. As a Christian myself, I believe that he and I are singing from the same hymnsheet. We both know that love is eternal. You can’t take money into the next life or whatever the reader believes happens after their time in this world has come to an end. However, love always transcends this life and is eternally and unconditionally given by God and who uses other people and other situations to love you.

As far as the sound goes, I really appreciate the brilliant way that S’eye has added the spoken words. This is with a perfect amount of reverb. The placement of different sounds is excellent.

The sound is also full of memorable hooks too.

What Could Be Improved in Abstract Soul (Standing Tall)?

Whether you view repetition as good or bad depends solely on your own personal taste. In my own work, I have used repetition because it contains the hooks. You want people to remember the hooks. This is a very controversial issue. In Abstract Soul (Standing Tall), even the chord progression is a hook that will be remembered.

I also consider the marketing efforts in these reviews. As far as Spotify goes, S’eye has 645 monthly listeners. This is fantastic and shows that S’eye is doing something right. In YouTube, S’eye has more than 1,270 subscribers. Again, S’eye is getting something right with this too.


Where Can You Learn More About S’eye and Abstract Soul (Standing Tall)?

If you would like to learn more about S’eye, you can follow him on Spotify, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Instagram. You are also welcome to purchase his music on Apple iTunes. Thank you for reading this post. We really appreciate your time.

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