Explosive folk cover Who By Fire by Alex Genadinik and Leonard Cohen

Wow! Right from the outset this song means business. Alex Genadinik is back with another song and this time he really does mean business. This is an explosive folk cover of the Leonard Cohen song Who By Fire?

Who is Alex Genadinik?

As well as being an all-around nice guy, Alex Genadinik is a top earner on the educational site Udemy. He is also one of the best teachers on Udemy and I am not just saying that as a compliment to him. He updates his courses on an annual basis and pours tonnes of time and effort into making his courses among the best on Udemy. If you want teaching that is current and works today, Alex has you covered.

Perhaps Alex’s biggest passion is something he doesn’t get paid for – yet. This is his music. Alex plays the classical acoustic guitar with his own original compositions and also explosive folk cover songs like Leonard Cohen’s, Who By Fire. I have reviewed some of Alex’s other song such as Girl and Balloon ( originally in Russian by Bulat Okudzhava), Georgian Song (another cover by Bulat Okudzhava), Enchanting Woman, Blue Trolley (another by Bulat Okudzhava), Oh Michaelangelo, Hannah’s Song, and Girl With a Pearl Earring.

With these songs on his resume, Alex does one better and has written a new explosive folk cover of Leonard Cohen’s Who By Fire. You can see all of Alex’s video above. I just added the video above a second ago. This is a perfect thumbnail for the explosive folk cover that Alex has written for this Leonard Cohen song. I think Mr Cohen would be incredibly impressed.

Leonard Cohen - Who By Fire was on this album

What Do I Think of This Explosive Folk Cover?

From the outset, Alex has turned what was originally a very impressive song into something incredible. I love the explosiveness that Alex has injected into this cover.

Another thing I really appreciate about Who By Fire is the sea-shanty style. It could quite easily be imagined being sung by drunken sailors.

Alex also puts a sense of action into the song in the way that he sings. He uses a lot of expresses anger and action into the song in a way that brings the song alive for everyone listening.

It is obvious that Alex has improved his guitar skills immeasurably in this performance. However, it is not just Alex’s guitar playing that has improved. His vocals are also full of emotion and feeling.

What is Good About the Video For Alex Genadinik’s Cover of Who By Fire?.

Immediately from the outset, you can tell that this explosive folk cover of Who By Fire is going to be great. Alex Genadinik really does some justice to Leonard Cohen. Perhaps Alex feels an affinity to Leonard through Jewish roots, but you can feel the raw emotion throughout the song.

Another great aspect of the video is the actions and visual body language that Alex Genadinik provides in this song. He almost looks like a boxer who is about to knock your block off. That is very entertaining. The video is made in a fun and entertaining way.

Meaning Behind Who By Fire?

My research into the meaning behind Who By Fire shows that Leonard Cohen had a fascination with death, the hereafter and the afterlife. The lyrics were taken from a Hebrew prayer.

Where Can Alex Genadinik Improve This Explosive Folk Cover of Who By Fire?

Just as with all songs, there can be improvements. The song is fantastic. It shows that Alex’s already superb guitar skills have improved immeasurably. However, like so many of the artists I have reviewed recently, Alex only has something like 19 YouTube subscribers on this channel at the time of writing. Alex has advanced expertise in YouTube marketing so this is nothing to worry about. Therefore, he hasn’t really got anything to worry about. He is on the right path and I have every confidence in the fact that Alex can turn any passion into whatever he dreams it will become.


Where Can You Find Out More About This Explosive Folk Cover?

You can also find out more about Alex Genadinik at his music websites. These are tsongs that will make your day, put a smile on your face and make you feel much better. You can learn more about Alex’s music here. Alex is a real feel good artist and you can find out more here If you would like to find out more about Alex’s work, you can find that here.

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