First impressions count with your music and Vern Daysel doesn’t disappoint with his forthcoming album, Call of the Wild. The first band that came to mind when I heard A Call of the Wild was ZZ Top. Whoever this music reminds me of, one thing is for sure, Daysel serves up a rockin’ good album this Christmas time.

Who is Vern Daysel?

Born in Johannesburg in South Africa, Daysel has since immigrated to the United States. Currently, he is based in Florida. However, his busy gigging schedule has included almost 1,000 shows.

Daysel’s influences on this rockin’ good album include the obvious rock’n’roll as well as blues, country and southern rock. You can hear those carefree tones in songs such as Drift Away, but from the outset of Feed Me, you can hear that Vern Daysel means business.

Why is Call of the Wild by Vern Daysel Such a Great Album?

Vern Daysel takes all the credit for this album. Daysel was responsible for every part of the work. Therefore, he played rhythm and lead guitar, drums and those vocals are Daysel too. However, his credentials don’t just stop as a multi-instrumentalist. Daysel also wrote the songs and produced the entire album.

Vern Daysel became a full-time musician in 2006 and in 2014, he took the solo route. Therefore, all the sounds that can be heard on Call of the Wild are Daysel’s own work. The reason why he became a solo artist in the first place was because he wanted to focus on his own bluesy/southern rock style. This style is displayed perfectly on the Call of the Wild album.

Vern Daysel released his first album, Shootin’ the Breeze in 2016 and the follow-up, Blood of a Wolf was released just a year later in 2017. Therefore, we have had to wait five years for Call of the Wild, but Daysel does not disappoint with the quality of his work on Call of the Wild..

Making Call of the Wild Under Lockdown

Vern Daysel first started to record Call of the Wild under lockdown in 2020. He showed that he could still be productive under lockdown. Personally, I completed my Bachelor of Arts degree under lockdown and it didn’t affect my creative process either.

The first few singles on the album were recorded under lockdown. They laid the foundation for what was to follow When lockdown came to an end, Vern Daysel found himself sometimes doing shows seven days per week. In between these shows, Daysel would spend his time by recording new material and establishing himself in the USA.

Vern Daysel Call of the Wild a rockin' good album

Vern Daysel’s Life

When he was just 18 years old, Vern Daysel had the dream that one day he would immigrate from South Africa to the United States and become a full-time musician. This goal became a reality in 2019 when he moved from Johannesburg to Florida – where he now resides.

Track List of Call of the Wild

  1. Feed Me
  2. Wild Girl
  3. Bandit’s Road
  4. Call of the Wild
  5. Gold Digger
  6. Drift Away
  7. Cougar
  8. Chasing the Moon
  9. Rain
  10. Chasing Ghosts
  11.  Warrior

Call of the Wild: Van Daysel’s Third Album

Call of the Wild is Vern Daysel’s third album. This is also considered to be his best album yet. It is also the first album Vern Daysel recorded as a solo musician. It is also the first album that he has released since his move to Florida.

Two of the songs have already received radio airplay around the world. These met a superb reception from the press. The inclusion of these songs (Feed Me and Cougar) on the album is also great news for all fans.

Who Are Vern Daysel’s Soundalike Artists?

When listening to Daysel, I can hear ZZ Top as I have already stated. However, Bon Jovi is another band who are also similar. I can even see elements of Metallica in Daysel’s music. The music takes me back to the music I loved as a boy. It’s a really great album and I also believe that Daysel has hit the nail on the head with this superb quality.

Vern Daysel - Call of the Wild - a rockin' good album

Where Can You Learn More About Vern Daysel?

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a rock’n’roll fan? Call of the Wild will be released on 23rd December 2022. This also makes a perfect Christmas present for any rock’n’roll fan. To learn more about Vern Daysel, you are welcome to follow him on InstagramFacebookSpotifyApple Music and Please also support Vern by ordering Call of the Wild through this link.

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