I have been looking forward to reviewing this song since I was given the job yesterday. This is because it is the kind of music I would listen to as a student and it takes me back to those days. My student days were fun, psychedelic and spent in the pubs, clubs and bars of Birmingham during the 1990s. Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei have hit the nail on the head with What Do You Want. Thanks for allowing me to reminisce over my past with this song guys.

Who are Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei?

Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei are two Swiss guys who have been playing together in various bands for the past 35 years. I see that in keeping their brands separate as Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei, they are allowing themselves to work on completely different projects and keep their own music to themselves. .

What Do You Want by Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei

Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei wrote this song together. In the song, the bassist was Adrian while Marc played the guitar. The vocalist was Esther Denis.

What Do I Like About The Song?

I love the way that this song reminds me of my College days in the 1990s. Their music reminds me of such bands as Blondie, The Corrs and The Cranberries. The instrumentation is very skilful with a great mix of instrumental sections and vocals. It is obvious that Adrian Rieder, Marc Frei and Esther Denis have put a lot of effort and hard work into making What Do You Want a real success. I think the song would be amazing in a live performance.

The song covers all frequency ranges too. It is slightly long for the radio. However, a radio should look at it from an entertainment point. The song is very entertaining.

What Do You Want by Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei which features Esther Denis

Where Do I Think What Do You Want Can Be Improved?

The song would be more successful if it was more appealing to the radio. This can be achieved by cutting the song to between 3 and 4 minutes. However, the song is really good work by everyone concerned. Therefore, I would hate to be the one who has to decide where the song should be cut.

The Marketing of What Do You Want by Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei

As two individual artists, Marc Frei and Adrian Rieder have released What Do You Want individually. However, they have quite contrasting Spotify audiences. Whereas Marc has 178 monthly Spotify listeners, Adrian has 1,974. This figure shouldn’t be a measurement of how popular they are. While Adrian may focus on Spotify, Marc may well focus on a completely different streaming or retail service.

The number of monthly listeners on Spotify will also fluctuate from time to time. It should also be noted, as I have in the past, that 80% of artists get less than 50 listeners per month. Therefore, both Marc Frei and Adrian Rieder are well above this figure. This means that they are both doing very well in their own careers.

How Are The Artists Doing on YouTube?

The What Do You Want video that I have also been provided with is from Adrian Rieder’s YouTube channel. It shows that he has 153 YouTube subscribers at the time of writing. This is a figure that will go up over time if Adrian keeps working on it.

Where Can You Learn More About Adrian Rieder and Marc Frei?

Please support Marc and Adrian by purchasing this song on Bandcamp. You are also welcome to follow Marc Frei and Adrian Rieder on Spotify or subscribe to them on YouTube.

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