Frank Zozky is an up-and-coming EDM producer from The Bronx in New York. What is most impressive about Frank other than the quality of his music is the 5,000+ monthly listeners he currently has on Spotify. Frank’s taste in music is much like my own and this is the kind of music I listen to most often. Dreamin is a superb example of Frank’s work.

Who is Frank Zozky?

The following two paragraphs are in Frank Zozky’s own introduction to me when he asked me to review Dreamin. This is a very impressive track and I know that the regular audience I get to my blog will love Frank’s style.

Frank Zozky is an emerging independent electronic artist and producer from the Bronx, NY. He dropped his first tracks on Soundcloud about five years ago. Since then, the versatile and prolific producer has released dozens of tracks in a broad range of genres from house to electro-pop and synthwave to hip-hop.

With one foot in the mainstream and the other deep in the avant-garde, Frank Zozky’s songs find inspiration (and samples) in all corners of the musical world. They are often instrumental, but not always. Zozky paints outside of the lines. He mashes a world of pop culture into one big pot, and it works. It’s a sort of Tom Waits approach to electronic music. (From The Static Dive)

What Do I Think of Dreamin?

In the EP version of Dreamin, Frank Zozky blasts out every element from the beginning. That is not something I do with my own music. However, on Dreamin it works and it gives the song life. I get that Frank did not write this version for clubs, but probably rather for the radio. In that case, it is more understandable why Frank has allowed all the elements to appear at the beginning of the song.

What Did I Like About Dreamin?

I like the way Frank Zozky has written a really romantic song that is especially for his wife. Maybe some will say it is soft, but I think as husbands we all need to appreciate our wives more. Frank accomplishes this in Dreamin and I think he should be happy. Personally, I don’t write lyrics so don’t write music for my wife or my son, but I do appreciate the effort that Frank has put into making his wife feel special. She will love you for that, my friend.

Frank Zozky Dreamin

What Could Be Improved About Dreamin?

The duration of the song is just 1 minute and 20 seconds. That is very short. Frank could have made it longer by introducing elements separately and also having something of a drop in the middle. In both trance and synthwave, there is something of a drop roughly 50% of the way through each song. The song could be extended very easily if Frank used these measures. However, if Frank wants a little radio time, this version of Dreamin is a good option for radio DJs. However, if Frank wants the music to appeal to more trance music fans, then the measures I suggested earlier in this paragraph are his best approach.

The Frank Zozky Spotify Audience

Frank is definitely getting something right with his Spotify audience. It would be interesting to interview him with a focus on his marketing activity. It would be interesting to hear how he does his marketing, what tools he how he structures his release strategy. On Spotify, Frank Zozky has well over 5,000 monthly listeners. This is way more than the average artist.

Frank Zozky on SoundCloud

Frank also actively promotes his SoundCloud music stream all his music available there. He has just short of 3,000 SoundCloud followers. Again, this is an excellent level of support.

Frank Zozky on YouTube

Frank’s YouTube story is much like my own. I have around 350 subscribers. However, what sets Frank apart from my channel is the quality of his music videos. I am not as skilled in making music videos as what you see at the top of this page. Frank has done a fantastic job with this video and I know that if he focuses on YouTube, he will only find more success. Congratulations on a fantastic music video, Frank.

Other Music From Frank Zozky

Frank has written music in a whole host of different genres. EDM is his preferred genre. However, if you delve deeper into his music, you will find a lot of different genres.

Where Can You Learn More About Frank Zozky?

You are welcome to join Frank Zozky’s Spotify crew here. However, if you really want to support Frank, why not purchase Dreamin from Amazon. You are also welcome to follow Frank Zozky on SoundCloud or on YouTube.