Tristan Blaskowitz has a lot of irons in the fire with the music he writes for video games, theatre shows and orchestras. These things alone describe someone whose expertise is quite exceptional. However, you need to listen to Tristan’s music in order to get the full benefit of what he has to offer. As a Ludovico Einaudi fan, I really appreciate the music I hear on Tristan’s piano album, Luna.

Who is Tristan Blaskowitz?

Here, I will let Tristan describe himself and introduce Luna – his album from 2020.

I’m a composer from Germany writing video game music, theatre shows and orchestral music, electronic and piano music. Luna is a piano solo album inspired by minimal music like Philipp Glass. I wrote this album dedicated to my cat Luna who died in an accident. Every track is named after one of the cats we have. It catches the sadness of the accident but also the beauty of cats.

Is Luna a Piano Album or an EP?

Luna is halfway between being an EP and being an album. There are too many songs to describe it as an EP. There are also too few songs for it to be an album. However, whether or not you can describe Luna as an album or as an EP is irrelevant. The fact is that the actual music in itself is very beautiful.

Tristan Blaskowitz

Why is Luna Such a Great Album?

As a Ludovico Einaudi fan, I love what I can hear from Tristan Blaskowitz. There is a story behind our appreciation of Einaudi. When I first met my wife, I bought two Einaudi tickets before I met her for the first time. Einaudi provided our second date, the date that I asked Catherine to be my girlfriend. 14 years on and I am so glad that we had that understanding. Catherine is my soul-mate and we have to thank Ludovico Einaudi for his input.

Another thing that Tristan Blaskowitz does really well on his piano album, Luna is the way he switches tempo at the drop of a hat. That is exceptionally skilful. However, Tristan makes it look simple. It is not as simple as it sounds and takes years of hard work and determination in order to succeed in playing the piano anything like as well as Tristan Blaskowitz.

How Else Would I Describe Luna?

As Tristan has already explained in his introduction, Luna is based on the minimalism genre. It is very similar to what you might find from artists like Dustin O’Halloran, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Joep Beving and also from Wim Mertens.

What is Minimalism?

Minimalist music is easily misunderstood. The true meaning of minimalism is music that has few chord changes and minimal changes in the music and the flow of the music. Luna is a piano album that shows how beautiful minimalist music can be. Many people may consider minimalist music to be monotonal. However, there is significant skill in the art of creating good minimalist music. Luna is a prime example of this kind of music.

piano album Luna is like Ludovico Einaudi

Listen to Luna by Tristan Blaskowitz on Spotify

You can listen to all of Tristan Blaskowitz’s music on Spotify by following this link. However, if you really want to support Tristan, please consider purchasing his music on Amazon. Tristan receives more money if you purchase his work.

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