The talented singer and artist is back with another great song. In this song, we see how talented and versatile Bunny can be. Freak shows us this versatility and how she combines both popular music and r&b to make something totally new and entertaining. Freak by Bunny Daniels is a fantastic addition to her repertoire and fans of these genres will love what Bunny has put together in this song.

Who is Bunny Daniels?

This extremely talented r&b artist makes her craft look effortless. She has created her own signature sound which combines both r&b and popular music styles. You could say that Freak by Bunny Daniels is freakin’ fantastic.

If you missed my last review of Bunny Daniels, you can find it here. The song reviewed last time was called Mute and it was another excellent song that Bunny worked so hard to perfect.

Bunny grew up in music. As a child, her mother was a member of the Church choir. Bunny would go along with her to Church and so she was heavily influenced by gospel music. This has some considerable influence on her current music. A career that started in Church was how many artists started out and Bunny Daniels is just one example.

As a teenager, Bunny got her big break. Her Church asked her to sing solo in front of a large crowd. The whole experience was overwhelmingly positive. From that moment on, Bunny has made her music her aim in life. So, thanks go to the Church for encouraging Bunny as a teenager to make a great success of her life in music.

Since Bunny’s Childhood Experiences

Since she was in that Church choir, Bunny has created that Ms. Bunny Daniels signature sound that is uniquely hers. Freak is just an example of what she can do. It showcases that signature sound and Bunny has created a fantastic song. Bunny said. “Ultimately I want my music to make people feel good. That’s what I want to be remembered for. Music is my escape and I want to share my paradise”

“Ultimately I want my music to make people feel good. That’s what I want to be remembered for. Music is my escape and I want to share my paradise”

Bunny Daniels

Outside Music

As Bunny has developed her career as a musician, she has also developed talents in other artistic disciplines. She has built up a career as an actress and also as a dancer. This all started because of her exceptional musical talent. Bunny’s honours have included a place on Broadway as well as an appearance as a singer, dancer and actress on the children’s programme, Sesame Street. It is also noted that Bunny has booked a place as an actress in a feature film this year.

As well as singing, dancing and acting, Bunny is also a writer.

Freak by Bunny Daniels and Her Wider Music Career

In her music, Bunny arranges and sings all of her material. Therefore, as an artist she is multi-talented and her talents are demonstrated brilliantly in tracks like Freak.

Freak by Bunny Daniels

Freak by Bunny Daniels

I really appreciate Bunny’s style. She reminds me of acts like the Jackson 5 and Michael Jackson’s later career. Freaks by Bunny Daniels also reminds me of soul music and funk of the 1970s. The actual production of Freak is excel1lent. It features enough instrumentation to make it interesting, yet not too much instrumentation to overdo it. I appreciate the relationship between the base guitar and the six-string. It is also noticeable that Bunny feels encouraged by the guitar and base guitar. It is very funky.

Disco is another notable influence in Freak. The funk in disco music is also evident in this track.

Where Can You Learn More About Freak and Bunny Daniels?

You can hear Freak and all of Bunny’s songs on Spotify. Bunny also has a presence on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram. The latter two are vital for any artist who wants to appeal to a younger audience.