Pop-Punk and emo band, The 30s have recently released their brand new EP, Seasonal Depression. This heavy-hitting EP is an incredible addition to their repertoire. It impresses the listener from start to finish and is inspired by generations of punk, metal, emo and much more. In this post, I am going to be taking a deep delve into the world of The 30s. We will look at the band, where they are now, the new EP (of course) and also what I liked and what I feel could be improved about the EP.

Who Are The 30s?

As already mentioned, The 30s are a pop-punk and emo band, but there is a whole lot more to know about them.

Firstly, where are they from? From reading their Spotify bio, I see that they are a duo from Los Angeles and Toronto. Panda, the bassist, is from LA and Katerina grew up in the Toronto area. The duo met online and found that they had a lot of musical tastes in common.

Panda’s Musical History

Panda started playing the guitar in the 8th grade at Middle School. By the time he was 16, he had played in various rock and indie bands and played in most of the venues on Sunset Strip.

Katerina’s Musical History

Katerina grew up singing ACDC and Led Zeppelin songs while her dad played guitar in their living room at home.

How Were The 30s Formed?

The pressures of a “normal” life forced them to follow traditionally “normal” career paths. I have always considered the word, “normal”, to be a myth. “Normal” does not exist. What is “normal” to one person is not someone else’s “normal”. Is city life, “normal”, to someone who lives in the country? Is life on the equator “normal” to someone from Northern Siberia? “Normal” does not exist.

After leaving College, Panda became a Public Defender while Katerina became a Math Teacher and Coach. I couldn’t be a Math Tutor, Katerina. Maths and I had this hate-hate relationship. However, I am happy doing what I do – so forget Math. You are far too talented a singer to spend your life on Math anyway.

Panda and Katerina eventually met online. They met in their 30s and wanted to show people that The 30s didn’t mean you became boring. That is just another “normal” public perception. Your 30s as an age group are just as fun as the 20s.

The 30s – Seasonal Depression

At first glance, Seasonal Depression seems to be a protest against the “normality” of Christmas. Songs like, I Hate Christmas are full of anti-Christmas feeling, but also Seasonal Depression in the name of the song. Dark and cold days, hating the snow, etc. The same opinions about Christmas are held all over the world and there are a lot of people who just want to lock themselves in at home for the whole season.

I was more into this kind of rock in the 1990s, but it is always entertaining. Now, I’m not going to say how old I am, but I’m older than my 30s. Maybe that is why I appreciate the upbeat classically sounding song after I Hate Christmas. The song is called “In Control”. I can play the guitar and it is my first instrument, but since my student days in the late 90s I have widened my tastes and like a whole lot more music now.

Who Do The 30s Sound Like?

I can see a lot of the heavier influences in The 30s music. In particular, I see Metallica and the Foo Fighters. I also see influences of Marilyn Manson and even Aphex Twin in his Come to Daddy masterpiece. The band suggest that Seasonal Depression will be popular with fans of artists such as Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday, Dead American, and All Time Low.

The 30s Seasonal Depression

Where Can Seasonal Depression be Improved?

I think Seasonal Depression as an EP accomplishes what it sets out to achieve. This is to be a protest against the cold, damp, dark winters and Christmas in particular. For me, the biggest issue with Christmas is the commercialisation of the season and that is what a lot of people hate about it. It just seems to be a time for greed, and money-making and that ruins the whole experience once you get to your adulthood never mind your 30s.

The 30s are a great band with a great future if they focus on it. There are also 390 monthly Spotify listeners. Therefore, they must be doing something right..

As for improvement, I think they could do with a few more YouTube subscribers, but the music in itself is excellent. We also know too little about the backing group. Like, who is the drummer? Who is playing the six-string if Panda is playing the bass? Does Katerina just sing or does she play one of the instruments we hear too? This information would make the project a lot more interesting.

Where Can You Learn More About The 30s?

Seasonal Depression is published today – 39th December 2022. So, don’t forget to check it out. If you want another rocking good EP then this is definitely the ticket. You can also find out more on their socials. Please find Seasonal Depression here or follow The 30s on Spotify. Alternatively, you are welcome to subscribe to them on YouTube. The 30s have a website too that you should really check out for yourself.