Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023

The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023 is now available. This year, we cover more than ever before and the great news is that it is still completely free of charge. Therefore, you just need to download your free copy from the box below. In this post, I am going to show you what is inside the free copy and why you need to download it for free today.

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So What is Inside Your Free Copy of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023?

As always, you will find sensible, expert advice, resources and strategies that work today. There are also aha moments and key takeaway points. Therefore, all the best content is still inside the book and you will still get tonnes of ideas for your own music marketing without actually paying for the book. The book is monetized through affiliate links. Therefore, if you click on the links and make a purchase, I will make a sale. However, let’s go further into the book and show you exactly what to expect inside your free copy today…

chapter One: Planning For Your Music Business

In Chapter One of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023, we start with the planning and preparation stages of your music marketing strategy. I show you how to set your goals for future success. You will learn how to develop your budget for maximum ROI (return on investment).

You will also learn how to build your business and marketing plans so that you don’t fail. In the marketing industry, there is a saying that goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. I am going to show you how to succeed in making your plans. Therefore, I am going to show you how to succeed in your music career.

Chapter Two:: Offline Music Marketing Strategies

In this chapter of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing, I will show you how to think about your offline marketing strategies. We will look at networking, playing gis, selling merch and much more. Whether you are a performing band, a DJ, or an electronic music artist, you will love these ideas. These are all sensible, practical ideas that will be really helpful for you and your career.

I will also show you how to get your team of supporters to help in spreading the word. These are people who are really passionate and enthusiastic about supporting you. They include your fans. Your fans are probably going to be your biggest support. However, they also include DJs who you want to play your music, publicists and promoters, your friends and family, etc.

Finally, in Chapter Two, I talk about your merchandise. I have described it as this before, and will do so again, and again. However, your merchandise is advertising that pays you. People will pay you so that they can spread your music and share your music with their friends. It can’t get much better than that, can it?

Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023

Chapters Three and Four: Offline and Online Networking

Chapter three talks about offline networking and chapter four talks about online networking. I give you the benefits of offline networking. Furthermore, I give you details of organisations who will give you details of networking events in your area. I believe these are global organisations. However, as a British person, I am sharing my own experiences with you.

The online networking opportunities in Chapter 4 include both the positive and the negative aspects of online networking sites. There is also a list of networking sites for musicians that really has to be sen. This is why you need your free copy of this book.

Chapter Five: The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023 Goes on to Discuss Your Artist Website

As a blogger as well as a musician, I am a big fan of having an artist website. My website here at, is a big part of my musical passion. However, it doesn’t include everything. My passion is also in my music itself. You can find on any of the big music streaming or retail sites.

Here, you will learn what platform is best for you and why. I show you what platform I use and what theme I use too. You will learn what elements you ned on your artist website and where and how to outsource your website design.

Chapter Six: The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023 Continues With Blogging

Perhaps this is an obvious continuation after talking about having an artist website. Why would you need a blog? What would you include on your own music blog? Are there any big positive or negative aspects of blogging? How do you write an effective blog post? There is also the importance of consistency in blogging.

In this section on blogging, we talk about making money. How can you generate a consistent and well-deserved income from your music? I also talk about the subject of blogging from someone who doesn’t have a whole lot of money. Therefore, if you don’t have a tonne of cash lying around you will be relieved to know how to blog with little expenditure.

Chapter Seven: The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2923 Talks About Social Media

Another chapter related to the last couple is the one on social media. Which social media platforms work best for music? Which platforms should you use? I have invested years of experience into the advice I pass on to you in this chapter alone.

The difference from the advice given in past editions of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023 is that in this edition I include microcontent. Why is microcontent so important? What are the biggest platforms to share your microcontent videos?

Chapter Eight: Being Signed to a Record Label Versus Going It Alone

Chapter eight gives you a slight diversion from your online content. Here, we discuss the pros and cons of being signed to a label. Should you be signed to a label? Should you just stay independent? You will learn much more about it here. We will discuss the different models. I show you how the music industry used to be, how it has changed and what to expect now. I end this chapter by letting you know what is good about using a label today.

Chapter Nine: Choosing Your Distribution Channels

Here, we will look at the free and slow way as opposed to the fast and paid way of getting your music onto the big streaming and retail platforms. I will show you what to expect. You will also get access to both channels so that you can simply pick and submit.

Chapter Ten: We Talk About Websites For Musicians

Chapter Ten of The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023 gives you a list of websites for you to use in your marketing strategy. This is a very helpful list and is one of the biggest reasons why thousands of music artists have put their trust in The Complete Guide to Music Marketing in the past.

Chapter Eleven: Another Big Reason to Download The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023

Another big reason for the huge success of my book in the past has ben the extensive section on how to make money from music. There is a lot more to this than you might consider. Perhaps the best aspect is that all of these are doable and don’t have to cost you a tonne of capital. You can get started for free with all of these ways.

We look at affiliate marketing, film scoring, blogging, merchandising, creating loops, samples and templates. Finally, we talk about one of your biggest opportunities as a musician. This is through production music libraries. I show you where you can learn more about making music for production music libraries and give you a basis on which to build your empire.

Chapter Twelve: New in The Complete Guide of Music Marketing 2023 – Your Artist Education

Finally, this book is a completely new chapter for 2023. This is the section on your artist education. How can you develop as an artist? What are the best online resources for you to learn from as an artist? We talk about music production as well as music business and marketing.

Conclusion: The Complete Guide to Music Marketing 2023

There is so much in this book for you to learn from and so many reasons for you to learn that this book is a must. What are you waiting for? Download your free copy today. Leave your email address in the form below or towards the top of this post.