This is exactly my kind of music so I am very happy to be able to review the Mr Vatslav song Imperfect World. In this post, I am going to share with you who Mr Vatslav is, what the song is, what I like about the song and also where I think improvements can be made. As always, I don’t only talk about the song, but also how I believe the song is received by the audience and where the artist’s marketing can be improved.

Who is Mr Vatslav?

Mr Vatslav is a completely self-taught techno producer who looks for unusual and different ways to deliver his craft to his audience. As such, his music is completely unpredictable.

Another great thing about Mr Vatslav is the passion and enthusiasm that he brings to the table. He spends hours moulding and crafting the perfect sounds for his music. This is his passion. He loves to make music. The effect that his passion brings to his music is the much higher and more advanced standards of his work.

In his music, Mr Vatslav doesn’t only adopt techno influences. He also gets inspiration from house, and film themes.

Imperfect World

Imperfect World is a progressive techno track. Please let me explain what progressive techno is if you are unsure. Progressive techno, as with progressive house and progressive trance is where music changes progressively. This could almost verge on minimal. However, progressive music is more beautiful. It is easy to listen to and is great for relaxing to. That is one thing about this kind of music. I relax to this kind of music. However, there are many people who think it’s too energetic. I don’t look at it like that at all. It is the kind of music that I would crash out to at the end of a busy day.

What Do I Like About Mr Vatslav’s Imperfect World?

For me, Imperfect World is a beautiful and relaxing track. As I already said, this is definitely the kind of music I spend my time listening to and also the music that I relax to at the end of the day. I am now a big Mr Vatslav fan. I will definitely look out for his music in the future. If you do any events in the UK, Mr Vatslav, please let us know. I just have to go to your show.

Who Do I Think Mr Vatslav Sounds Like in Imperfect World?

For me, the vocals in Imperfect World remind me of Faithless. I am also reminded of Infinity 2008 with the vocals of Klaas.

Some of the soundscapes used in Imperfect World remind me of PPK’s Resurrection. This was one of the most underrated trance music tracks I know of. However, trance music will never die in my house. I will always love the way in which trance music can awaken the deepest emotions in my life and the way in which trance music makes me feel.

In the same way, Imperfect World is an incredible and important addition to the techno world. Trance music and techno are very similar in the respect of drawing the deepest emotions.

Mr Vatslav - Imperfect World

Where Can Imperfect World Be Improved?

As with so much of the music reviewed on, the standards of these music artists are very high. Mr Vatslav is no different. In fact, he would have to be counted as one of my favourite songs that I have reviewed here. All of the frequency ranges are considered. The soundscapes are beautiful. The tempo is just right and the different elements and sounds come in and out perfectly. I would have to be very critical if I was to say that anything about the song was bad. I would also have to be lying because I love the entire track.

As far as the marketing of Mr Vatslav’s music goes, he has over 13,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. This far outweighs the average artist. As I have said in the past, 80% of all artists get less than only 50 streams per month. That would put Mr Vatslav in the top few percent of all artists in the world. Congratulations on a great marketing success, Mr Vatslav.

On YouTube, Mr Vatslav has only 119 subscribers. He could be doing a lot better than this. I have just subscribed to his music on YouTube and will also follow him on Spotify and subscribe to him on TikTok You can find all of Mr Vatslav’s socials here. If Mr Vatslav wants to increase his numbers of YouTube subscribers, maybe he could use Hypeddit to grow more of a social following.

Where Can You Find Out More About Mr Vatslav?

If you want to learn more about Mr Vatslav, you can find all his socials here.