My first impressions of Jennifer King are that I am blown away by the talent she has. With her new song, ‘Go’, she is destined for fame and fortune and will follow in the footsteps of musical superstars such as Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. The song reminds me of these stars and their influence and inspiration will live on forever – just as Jennifer King will with her incredible voice.

Jennifer King Go

Who is Jennifer King?

Jennifer is a 15-year-old singer, songwriter and also actress from Liverpool in the United Kingdom. This is the land that has bred many of the most wonderful musicians in history. Liverpool boasts The Beatles and Cilla Black among its past successes. Now, Jennifer King is going to step into their shoes and deliver something truly mind-blowing that the masses can enjoy, and furthermore, relate to.

Jennifer’s passion is in songwriting and performing. After signing up for UK singer-songwriter Tim Arnold’s mentoring sessions in 2021, Jennifer began to develop her music. Tim nurtured her creative process to explore composition, lyric writing and genre, eventually encouraging her to record her own songs.

What resulted from Tim’s mentorship was the discovery of an artist who, whilst never having recorded before, revealed all the hallmarks of a natural talent as soon as she entered the recording studio. Working with Tim on moulding and crafting harmonies and finessing song arrangements all signalled that Jennifer King possesses an innate and intuitive gift for recording music and song creation.

Who Inspired Jennifer King?

With her musical tastes leaning heavily to the North American R&B culture, Tim reached out to solo artist and music producer Ben Pelchat in Toronto. Tim and Ben are now developing Jennifer’s rich and certain future as a recording artist. Furthermore, they have even teamed up as Atlantic Bridge and are guiding Jennifer King through the early stages of her professional career. Therefore, Tim and Ben are acting as Jennifer’s management company with the newly formed, Atlantic Bridge.

The Story Behind Jennifer’s Song, Go

At age 15, Jennifer King’s voice is reaching for the crowns of her influences – SZA, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. Jennifer’s music has an upbeat pace, classic in form but contemporary in production. Her debut single ‘Go’ truly hits the high notes.

It was recorded and produced in Toronto and also in London by Atlantic Bridge Music in October 2021. ‘Go’ is an anthem for the Gen Z’ers. These are people who are embracing the natural flow of life in place of the hyper-strategy of their native social media culture. With nods to classic hip-hop and pop, ‘Go’ promises to fill the dance floors of clubs all over the planet.

Jennifer King sings of not believing in schemes OR dreams. She is neither tailoring her avatar for all to see nor dreaming her life away. She is not trying to be something that she is not. Her message is about the power of action over identity.

What Do I Think of Jennifer King’s Song, Go?

Jennifer King is inspired by the likes of Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston. I also believe she also has some of the Jackson blood in her style. However, before that, R&B takes its influence from the soul music scene and Motown. A collaboration between Jennifer King and Bunny Daniels would be a very interesting project. They both create similar music.

Where Can You Learn More About Jennifer King?

You can also find Jennifer King on a number of different social platforms. These are all included on her Linktree page. If you believe in her, why not support Jennifer King through Patreon? That would be a very generous thing to do and Jennifer would really appreciate your support. Finally, but most importantly, please don’t forget to presave Jennifer’s song on your favourite streaming platform.