Joseph James Valentine

Valentine is the new and very beautiful love song by Joseph James. It is a pleasure to be working with music of such high quality. In this post, as usual, we will look at who Joseph James is, what I like about the song and where I think it can be improved. I just hope this post will do the song justice.


Valentine was first released to the world on 2nd January 2023. It is his debut single which probably shows why, at the time of posting, he only has 3 Spotify listeners. His music far outclasses this statistic and I know that when people hear the song, they will instantly love it. Joseph James is an exceptionally talented singer and songwriter.

Who is Joseph James?

Joseph is already an award-winning singer and songwriter who hails from New York. He is also the founder of AP Music Group and has achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Music from Beerklee College of Music. Another sign that he will be among the true greats in the music world is that he has already toured internationally with acts like Lady Gaga and Ritchie Blackmore of Deep Purple.

Who Does Joseph James Sound Like?

The first musician who comes to mind when I listen to Joseph James is Jon Bon Jovi. His voice is very similar. Valentine is also the kind of song that Jon Bon Jovi would sing. In fact, I think he could easily be mistaken for Jon Bon Jovi when his voice is first heard.

I also believe that Joseph sounds similar to Def Leppard. It’s the kind of love song that these bands would also perform. Therefore, it is easy to class Joseph James as a rock artist. I believe this would be a fair classification. I also think Joseph would agree.

What Do I Like About Valentine?

I love the way Valentine takes me back to the rock music of the 1990s. Songs like Always by Bon Jovi, When Love and Hate Collides by Def Leppard and Aerosmith’s I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. These are songs that take me back to my student days of the 1990s. They remind me of the loves that I had and lost from those times. However, I look back on those days with really fond memories.

It is music likes this that makes my current work a joy to be involved in. So, thank you to Joseph James for allowing me to review his amazing song, Valentine.

Where Can Valentine Be Improved?

Joseph James should have more of a following on streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube. His talent is unquestionnable. Therefore, he really is in need of a huge following. I believe in Joseph and know that he has the world at his feet. His music is fantastic. He willl be huge in the course of time.

Where Can You Learn More About Joseph James?

You can find Joseph on YouTube. Alternatively, you can find Joseph James on Spotify. Joseph is also on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find his website here.

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