My First Tattoo by Matty Marz is a bubblegum pop, Europop song. Fans of Abba, Fountains of Wayne, as well as 1980s acts such as The Beautiful South, the Pet Shop Boys and Roxette, will love the sounds of Matty Marz’s new song. In this post, we will look at who Matty is, what I like about Matty Marz and where I think improvements could be made. I will also touch on the social media following to show you how popular Matty is with his listeners.

Who is Matty Marz?

With a fiery presence, and keen sense of individuality, Matty makes all of his own sounds and is an extremely talented and impressive performer. He will wow the masses with his enjoyable sound.

Matty Marz actually makes music in several different genres. Again, as with all successful artists, Matty has crafted his own sound. I have said before on my blog that successful artists are those who have their own sound. Matty Marz is no different. Therefore, in Matty’s music, you can hear elements of classic rock, bubblegum pop, funk and electronic.

An American singer, songwriter, and producer, Matty Marz’s musical influences range from pop, rock, funk, and electronica.

Marz buries himself into the details of the sonic process. These melodic influences reveal themselves in catchy hooks and lyrical phrasing, creating music referred to as “New Glam.”

His genuine presence and keen sense of individuality never fail to make their way into the music. For Marz, no artistry that doesn’t serve his music is left behind.

Matty Marz,

My First Tattoo by Matty Marz

Although My First Tattoo has a happy and carefree melody, it is about heartbreak after a break-up between the singer and the person he has loved and now lost. I believe it is also a warning to people who want to have a tattoo of their partner’s name or something signifying that partner. He has the tattoo even though he has broken up with that person and is now stuck with the tattoo.

What Do I Like About My First Tattoo?

My First Tattoo by Matty Marz has an upbeat melody. I also appreciate the lyrics. People should think long-term before they get a tattoo. The song reminds me of my brother. He is a football fan who has different club badges all over his arms and torso. He then falls out with the club and goes to another club where he gets a tattoo of the new club’s badge.

In the past, getting a tattoo has been a permanent mark. However, these days they are easier to remove. In any case, You shouldn’t get a tattoo in the first place if you don’t want a name, sign, badge, etc on your skin for the rest of your life. It is not a particularly sensible thing to do.

Other than the lyrics Matty Marz has written, I also appreciate the different instruments that can be heard. All the major instruments in this genre have been considered. The music covers all frequency ranges. It is great to hear instruments other than guitars and keyboards. I enjoy the saxophone part and there has been heavy use of the bass guitar.

Matty Marz My First Tattoo

Where Can The Song Be Improved?

I would like to see the saxophone have more of a part. That is my favourite instrument in this song. It is really great to hear it and takes me back to my roots in 1980s music.

Like so many of the artists I review here, Matty Marz is a highly talented musician. Therefore, there isn’t much that he can improve upon. If I was to say something like I did in the last paragraph, it would be well within Matty’s capability.

Matty has just short of 1,500 monthly listeners on Spotify. This points to an excellent following. However, as always, Spotify monthly listeners are a statistic that can wildly fluctuate.

On YouTube, Matty Marz has 494 subscribers at the time of posting. This is a figure that tends to gradually increase so Matty is doing fairly well there.

Where Can You Find Matty Marz?

Find Matty Marz on Instagram. Alternatively, you can find Matty Marz on Twitter. Of course, you can also find Matty Marz on his website.

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