The new BADiSUN song, Roses, is all about the ups and downs of life. It talks about suicide and issues faced by people burdened with life’s stresses and strains. In this post, we will take a closer look at the song. I will share what I like about the music and discuss where it could be improved. You will find Roses embedded from Spotify below.

Who is BADiSUN?

Reaching the pinnacle of alt-trap experimentalism, BADiSUN amalgamates stormy elements of rock, indie, rap, trap and metalcore to carve out a new genre-fluid niche. Where fans of MGK, Blackbear, I Prevail, Kid LAROI and Iann Dior can dig into emotion-driven innovation that makes no bones about reaching evocative extremes as a means to an expressive end.

Out of Luck was the first installation of genre-melding alchemy, which was quickly followed by the sophomore single, Bilingual, which fuses indie choral guitar melodies against fiery 808s. The alt-trap lullaby, Roses, will drop before BADiSUN unleashes his debut album, BAD, in September 2023. Jump on the hype while it is hot.

BADiSUN – Spotify – 2022

BADiSUN is another persona of the artist who created Infrared. In my view, there is more meaning in Roses. It is all about the grind of daily life and how people cope with it.

Roses by BADiSUN

As stated, the song Roses is about the grind of life and the choices people have of either accepting a hard life or completely giving up. Roses signify the cream of life, but suicide is the other option. Sadly, many people will choose the latter option. They will select the suicide choice.

BADiSUN song Roses features one line with metalcore vocals. This is, “Nothing lasts for a minute!” I also appreciate the different vocal types used in Roses. You have the main vocal, but I like the “Hold on, hold on” line. These other vocal points offer something refreshing and different to BADIiUN’s music. I like how vocal elements have been layered to create a unique sound.

The sounds used in Roses are interesting. It features an emotional piano, exciting sound effects and a typical trap drum beat.


What Do I Like About This Song?

The most important thing about trap as a genre is the messages that are almost always delivered through them. Such songs are often observations of daily life. I believe that Roses does that entirely. Trap music artists often come from areas of society that see the most strife. I can’t speak for BADiSUN as I don’t know him very well, but from artists who I have previously worked with, I can say that they are eager to deliver their message to the world.

How Could Roses Be Improved?

Roses is a fantastic song that delivers an important message. I believe the artist wrote Roses to deliver his message. He has done that very well.

As with Infrared, it would be better if the artist could amalgamate the song into one offering and only use one persona. Therefore, he could focus on one persona rather than three. However, as the artist wants to make music in three different genres, I appreciate and respect his right to do so.

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Where Can You Learn More About BADiSUN?

You are welcome to find out more about BADiSUN at the official website. Please also feel free to listen to and follow BADiSUN on Spotify. Thank you for reading this post.