Phelixx Lake Infrared

Infrared is the new metalcore/post-hardcore track from PHELIXX LAKE in 2022. This brings several genres together to create a different sound. PHELIXX LAKE has created a unique sound with various genres. One had never considered the merging of the different genres that come to mind when listening to such a song.


PHELIXX LAKE was Inspired by timeless 00s artists. These include A Day to Remember, Senses Fail, Rain City Drive, Miss Fortune, and I Prevail. Now, Phelixx Lake arrived on the metalcore scene in 2022 through the debut release, Recovery.

The extensively playlisted anthemic release, which surges through post-hardcore progressions, paved the way for the success of the sophomore single, Echo.

Echo was a continuation of the electronically colossal tonal palette. It holds no prisoners to ensure the visceral lyrical expositions made an unforgettable impact with listeners searching for biting monolithic instrumental hooks and vulnerable vocal candour.

The debut LP, Betrayal Trauma, is in the pipeline for July 2023. The latest single, Infrared, released through Ghost Killer Entertainment. Phelixx Lake is becoming one of the hottest new names in post-hardcore.

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Phelixx Lake Infrared

So What is Metalcore?

You may be unaware of what metalcore is. However, I will explain the genre to you. Metalcore is an infusion of punk and metal. It was a derivative of metal and punk in the 00s. Therefore, it is relatively new to the world. Bands that PHELIXX LAKE identifies with include A Day to Remember, Senses Fail, Rain City Drive, Miss Fortune, and I Prevail.

What is Post Hardcore?

Post-hardcore is also influenced by metal and punk music. It includes a constellation of different groups. Many of these emerged from hardcore punk. However, it is inspired by hardcore. It also emphasizes a greater degree of expression.

What Else Can I See in Infrared by PHELIXX LAKE?

Apart from the guitar-heavy metal influences, I also see a fair amount of electronic music. I believe this is also infused into this music. This demonstrates PHELIXX LAKE’s broad musical imprint on the world.

Apart from that, the alternative rock input is also recognized. This is mainly in the vocals. Believe it or not, the lyrics remind me of artists like Armin Van Buuren. This is true of the lighter parts of the song.

What Do I Like About PHELIXX LAKE’s Infrared?

I enjoy the way the different genres are infused. As music artists, we need to craft our sound. I have found this from all of the artists I have reviewed on We need to look for something unique in our music. Therefore, people will like an artist for their sound and not because they sound like someone else who they also like.

Considerations For Improvement

PHELIXX LAKE is an exceptional artist. I like the way he has so much influence. He takes his inspiration from various genres. He is known for three different musical disciplines. However, I think he needs to focus on one persona. Maybe he can infuse elements of all three personas into one.

I say this because we can’t be all things to all people. I am not taking anything away from the sheer skill, hard work and determination that PHELIXX LAKE puts into the writing and development of quality music. However, I see the need for him to be one persona that offers elements of different genres into his act.

Where Can You Learn More About Phelixx Lake?

You can learn more about PHELIXX LAKE from the official website. You can also find out more on the Spotify channel.

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As mentioned, the artist behind the PHELIXX LAKE Persona has two other personas. These include Shout London and BADiSUN. The reason for these three different personas is that these are three completely different genres. Therefore, and rightly so, the artist wants to make these different genres as three distinct personas.

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