Just Like the Movie Frank Zozky

Frank Zozky is back on Krannaken.com with a second review. The song this time is Just Like the Movie – an impressive combination of EDM, trap and – don’t you just love that snare hit! Very nice Frank!!!

Just to Remind You Who Frank Zozky is…

The following two paragraphs are in Frank Zozky’s own introduction to me when he asked me to do the first review. The song that time was called Dreamin. He is back this time with Just Like the Movie. Frank, it is an honour and a privilege to work with you, my friend.

Frank Zozky is an emerging independent electronic artist and producer from the Bronx in New York. He dropped his first tracks on SoundCloud about five years ago. Since then, the versatile and prolific producer has released dozens of tracks in a broad range of genres from house to electro-pop and synthwave to hip-hop.

With one foot in the mainstream and the other deep in the avant-garde, Frank’s songs find inspiration (and samples) in all corners of the musical world. They are often instrumental, but not always. Frank paints outside of the lines. He mashes a world of pop culture into one big pot, and it works. It’s a sort of Tom Waits approach to electronic music. (From The Static Dive).

What Do I Think of Just Like The Movie?

As mentioned in the introduction, Just Like the Movie marries many different disciplines. There is the EDM and trap as mentioned. I can also see elements of house, hip-hop and even synthwave in there too. The images Frank sent me to go with this post will remind you of the game franchise, Grand Theft Auto. In fact, Just Like The Movie would be ideal music for the game to use.

Frank’s aim with this track is for it to be a nightclub banger. Indeed, it promises to fill club dance floors all over the planet.

Frank Zozky Just Like the Movie

What Can Be Imagined When Listening to Just Like the Movie?

I can also see 1970s influence on this one. When I listen to the song, I imagine the old 1970s suits with those pointed collars on shirts, an unbuttoned top button on that shirt and maybe a deep purple suit. You would imagine this person in a scene with a limousine and sunglasses – even though it would already be dark.

The limousine would also be cruising through the city centre in a 24-hour city like New York, Los Angeles or Las Vegas.

What Else Do I Like About the Song?

I love the way that Frank has constructed Just Like the Movie. All major frequency ranges are covered. There is a good amount of bass, mid-range frequencies and higher frequencies. I think Frank considers all the frequencies when he constructs his music.

Song Structure and How it Relates to the Different Genres in Just Like the Movie

There is mention of a few different genres already in this post, but let me expand on that a bit more. In Just Like the Movie, we hear a very nice keyboard sound that fits the house music genre. The keys use a stabbing structure that is iconic of house and EDM music.

The snare makes heavy use of reverb as do all of the instruments. However, in synthwave music and a lot of 70s and 80s-inspired music, there is more reverb on the snare. We hear that kind of snare in Just Like the Movie. However, in Just Like the Movie, the snare is slightly higher pitched. It almost sounds like a rim shot.

Where Can You Learn More About Just Like A Movie and Frank Zozky?

You can find Frank’s Spotify channel. In case you missed it, you can also find the post for Dreamin’ here and Frank Zozky on YouTube here.