Another excellent hip-hop artist, Jxrome, has a vision and a message to deliver to the world. His new song, No Hope, is a fantastic addition to his repertoire. True to the genre, No Hope observes life with a story and a vital message to the world.

Who is Jxrome?

Jxrome is a rapper and hip-hop artist from the U.K. He is known for his Drill-style and lyrics. You may have heard his music, as he was previously known as J-Capo. Jxrome was born in southwest London. He now resides in Luton – another town in the southeast of England.

His music credentials speak for themselves. Jxrome has been releasing music on SoundCloud since 2016, and his first release under the Jxrome brand was “Sundown“. This quickly grew, and he built a big name with other music industry blogs and B.B.C. Introducing. This latter honour is a service which seeks out the best unsigned and new artists to feature on British radio.

Jxrome’s Career

Radio Play continued to grow for Jxrome and he even attracted international interest from radio stations in the U.S.A. This included YesJulz New Music Mondayz.

Following radio play, Jxrome had his first live show at London Dalston with Flat House Productions. This was a complete sell-out, and he was the headlining act. This was a fantastic experience for the talented artist.

In January 2022, Jxrome secured his first distribution deal with the AWAL independent record label. His first releases with AWAL included DREAMS CO$T and Climb That Mountain (waves). Both of these releases attracted attention from B.B.C. Introducing, Amazing Radio U.K. & U.S.A., and New Style Radio in Birmingham.

Jxrome No Hope

Radio Placements

Jxrome’s first radio interview was with B.B.C. 3 Counties Radio with Vinette Hoffman-Jackson.

This success of Loud followed soon after. Loud caught the attention of Amazing Radio U.K. Loud was chosen for inclusion in “Hip Hop For Today”.

Jxrome’s following interview was another one on B.B.C. 3 Counties Radio, but it was with Edward Adoo this time. In October 2022, Jxrome was featured on D.N.D. with Jocstar. This was internationally recognised on S.A. Hip Hop 24/7 and played on B.B.C. Radio, Introducing 1Xtra by Theo Campbell & 3CR by Honor Morrison.

No Hope

No Hope is the latest release by Jxrome. It was released just before Christmas and is an Alternative Drill track with a hard-hitting Rihanna sample. Dominican producer, AstrowBeats, with the assistance of producers helpsisleet & k4pel, produced the beat. It was also engineered in South Africa by artist and producer Jocstar. No Hope will also be featured in Jxrome’s upcoming project, “Dreams Cost.”

What Do I Like About No Hope by Jxrome?

I appreciate Jxrone’s imaginative lyrics. He is exceptionally talented at putting the listener in the picture and creating the atmosphere and vibe in his music. Another thing I like about the lyrics is the different vocal parts he has layered. These are apparent throughout the song and include his vocals, a Rihanna vocal sample and even a child at one part of the song.

Another thing that I like about the music is the haunting melody. The Rihanna vocal part, the guitar, and the keys create the evocative soundscape.

Jxrome Social Media Following

Jxrome has 320 monthly Spotify listeners at the time of writing. As I have said before, 80% of artists have less than 50 monthly Spotify listeners. Therefore, Jxrome is doing something right. Radio, digital and print exposure is helping him to succeed in his career.

On YouTube, Jxrome has 31 subscribers at the time of writing. This is also a good number. As I have said, a YouTube following tends to increase gradually over time. However, a Spotify monthly listener number will always fluctuate. The best way to keep your Spotify monthly listeners at a significant number is through exposure on social media, blogs, radio and print. Jxrome knows this, and he has a good understanding of how to build his follower numbers.

Where Can You Learn More?

No Hope by Jxrome is available on Spotify. You can also learn more at the socials on the official Jxrome Linktree page.