Roberto Albano d'Alexàndria La dança dels sords

The forthcoming EP by Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria celebrates one of Europe’s most little-known or understood languages. The music I am reviewing in this post is instrumental. However, the name of this song is La dança dels sords which means “The Dance of the Deafs” in Occitan.

What is Occitan, and Where is it Spoken?

Occitan is a regional language from the Catalonian region of Northern Spain. It is also spoken in southern France and parts of Italy, such as Piedmont, where Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria is from. It is not on school curriculums, but one can see the similarities with other languages local to these areas, such as mainstream Spanish, French and Italian.

For instance. The word “La” is French for “The”, and “dança” is similar to “dance”. There are some distinct familiarities with all European languages. Very often, “de” if “of” and other similarities to English are words such as “spendere”, which in Italian means “to spend”. I am undertaking Italian lessons daily here in England, “l’Inghilterra”. I will also be translating my website into Spanish, French and German to attract people from other parts of Europe and the wider world to my website.

Who is Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria?

Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria is a 29 year-old pianist from Piedmont, Italy, and La dança dels sords is his first E.P. La dança dels sords is available as a single.

What Do I Think of La Dança Dels Sords?

La Dança Dels Sords reminds me of baroque music and music from the baroque period. If given a name, you would probably consider La Dança Dels Sords to be neo-classical.

Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria follows in the footsteps of fellow Italian superstar Ludovico Einaudi. Einaudi is considered more of a minimalist pianist, meaning there aren’t any rapid chord changes. However, it sounds like Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria has studied the more historical elements of playing the piano. This is fantastic.

Another thing that I like about Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria is that his music is instrumental. Therefore, it crosses all borders. All people can enjoy it – no matter the language they speak to communicate. Music transcends all audible barriers to convey depth and meaning where music is unable to.

What Could Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria do to improve La Dança Dels Sords?

I believe that Roberto is improving all the time. As we play our instruments, we are constantly improving. That is what turns people into better performers. Therefore, Alberto has the world at his feet. I think he will go far. However, there is one area where he can improve.

I believe Roberto Albano d’Alexàndria could do much better in attracting subscribers to his music. Roberto can develop his YouTube channel further and build more of a following on Spotify, which is completely unchartered territory for him at the time of writing this post. Roberto can create a much bigger and better following across the different channels. This is possible by submitting music through Distrokid to all the other streaming and retail websites online.

Where Can You Learn More?

You can learn more about Roberto through his YouTube channel. Thank you for reading this post.