Silent Thunder is the new track from guitar virtuoso Omer B. The track is entirely instrumental but takes inspiration from country, rock, blues and jazz. Today, we will take a good look at the track. Indeed, I have it on repeat while I am making this post. I find that it helps to get inside the music and write an honest as well as a higher quality review for the artist. If you love terrific guitar playing, Omer B is someone you have to investigate for yourself.

Who is Omer B?

As far as a bio goes, Omer B doesn’t give much away. However, I will share with you what I have found.

Omer B is a guitarist from the United States. He is also a producer, recording engineer and composer. From what I gather, Omer B writes his music. Silent Thunder is an excellent example of his composer, producer and guitarist skill. It takes many years to learn to play the guitar with the kind of skill we see and hear from Omer B.

Outside of music, Omer B loves to race cars.

Silent Thunder

‘Silent Thunder’ is dedicated to all those around us, who are silent, but on the other hand, the
most talented & influential. Omer B perfectly encaptures this statement through graceful
vocals accompanied by an impressive guitar solo. He has always been passionate about music
since a young age and has gained many friends and idols who have inspired him, such as Cory
Wong and Yossi Fine, who has worked with David Bowie and others. The song will be promoted
through social media and curators.

What Do I Like About Silent Thunder?

As with all instrumental music, it transcends all languages. Therefore, it is entirely universal, and anybody of any nationality, language or background can enjoy it. That is one of the main reasons I make instrumental music, and it is a great reason to consider making this kind of music because it is open to everyone.

Another thing I appreciate about instrumental music is that it is entirely abstract. Nobody tells you what you can and can’t see in the music. Therefore, you are free to interpret it in your own way and build your own picture of the music.

As a guitarist, I am impressed with the skill that Omer B has on guitar. It is, as I said earlier in this post. Playing the guitar this well takes a significant amount of skill. Many “guitar Gods” make playing guitar look easy. However, playing the guitar as well as Omer B takes talent, persistence, consistency, determination and undying enthusiasm for the guitar.

Omer B Silent Thunder

Where Could Silent Thunder Be Improved?

As with almost all the artists I have reviewed on, it is hard to be critical about something of such high quality. I often find myself talking about the marketing and business side of things. It’s not just that I specialise in the marketing and business side of music. I also find that some of the musicians I work with drastically need to build their following on social media.

As far as social media goes, Omer B is doing reasonably well. At the time of writing, Omer B has 964 YouTube subscribers. This is a statistic that tends to increase gradually. Therefore, he should hit the 1,000 subscriber mark very soon. That is a remarkable milestone that Omer B should be proud of.

On Spotify, Omer B is excelling himself. With over 21,000 monthly listeners, he is building a significant following. As Omer B will know, the Spotify listener’s number tends to fluctuate and sometimes will be lower. Therefore, the best way to keep that at a good number is to consistently and regularly release quality music. It also helps if you have someone to do your social media for you and build your social following.

Where Can You Learn More?

Silent Thunder is available on Spotify and YouTube Music. Please click on those links to learn more. You are also welcome to like Omer B on Facebook and Apple Music.

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