Welcome to Freebie Friday. In this post, we are looking at Orilriver by Denis Tihanov. This is a cool free reverb plugin. As we always will be in this series, we are basing our review on four of the points from the Plugin Boutique review system. This includes sound quality, ease of use, presets and features. I will give this an overall rating too.

What is Orilriver?

In one sentence, Orilriver is a free reverb plugin from Denis Tihanov. Let’s expand on this a bit more. Orilriver is an algorithmic reverb. What the hell does algorithmic mean? Well, according to Baby Audio, ” In an algorithmic reverb, your audio is passed through a network of digital delay lines that are modulated, filtered and fed back into each other in a manner aimed to resemble the reflections of a room, hall or chamber – or even a “super-natural” space”.

In order to give you a proper review, I have downloaded Orilriver and reviewed it in the video above. Again, I have used the criteria set out by Plugin Boutique in their videos. Therefore, we are looking at sound quality, ease of use, features and presets. However, I forgot to mention ease of use in the video. I can tell you now that Orilriver was very ease to use and will mention it below.

Sound Quality

As soon as you switch Orilriver on, you can tell that it has an incredible sound. This is hard to believe from a free reverb plugin. However, the sound is immediately transformed into something special. I wish all free plugins sounded this good. I will give Orilriver a five for sound quality.

Ease of Use

I actually forgot to mention the ease of use on the video itself. However, as you could see, I found it fairly easy to use. I think I would actually give it a four for ease of use because when I used the dials, I couldn’t easily get a wide sound palette.

When you use it, I would recommend that you use the presets and then goof around with the dials when you have a preset that you like. I also wanted to point out that I am not a superstar producer. I don’t have decades of experience. Therefore, you can probably find it easier to get the sounds you are after.


Orilriver has all the features that you would want from a free reverb plugin – or a premium plugin for that matter. It includes tonnes of different dials that change the sound. Therefore, all the bells and whistles are there. I don’t know what else it could also add to it. It is a great plugin though. For features, I said in the video that I would stick to four and I think I would probably stick to it.

Presets in Orilriver

I have never come across a free reverb plugin with as many quality presets as Orilriver. It even has a preset for the kick, guitar, and anything you could really want. There are easily 30 presets in this plugin and that’s a lot more than any other free reverb plugin that I have ever used. I will definitely give it a five for presets. This includes a five for the range of presets and also a five for the quality of the presets.

Denis Tihanov free reverb plugin Orilriver

What Do I Think Of OrilRiver Overall?

I am surprised that this amount of value can be packed into a free reverb plugin. Denis Tihanov has put something very special together here. The best part of it is that it is entirely free of charge. Overall, I give it a five out of five. It is fantastic.

If you want to download a free copy of this fantastic Denis Tihanov free reverb plugin, Orilriver, you can find it here. Did you miss last week’s Freebie Friday plugin.