Son of a Pigeon podcast I'm Great Ohad Grodzenski

From the outset, Son of a Pigeon, aka Ohad Grodzenski, delivers an intriguing mix of Beastie Boys type mixture of rock and hip-hop. Who is Son of a Pigeon? Is there any meaning behind the song? Where do I think it could be improved? In this post, we will discuss all this and more. A big THANK YOU to Son of a Pigeon for allowing me to review their incredible song, I’m Great.

Who is Son of a Pigeon?

Son of a Pigeon is a Berlin-based podcaster and music artist. His real name is Ohad Grodzenski.

The artist is better known for his podcast, where he interviews music artists worldwide. You can find it here if you want to learn more about Ohad’s show. There are new episodes of the show every week. These are published on a Sunday, and the last show can be found below.

Son of a Pigeon – I’m Great

I’m Great starts with a Bohemian Rhapsody-style acapella; another similarity to Queen is the Latin-style guitar, one of the song’s best parts.

The song also reminds me of The Beastie Boys in the rapping and the style of the music. This is in the rock-style background with the vocals, which uses rapping in the foreground.

I’m Great is meant as an appetizer for what is to come. I am excited to think that more excellent music comes from Son of a Pigeon in the Future. Ohad has helped many artists find their voice in the world, and now he is moving forward with his music. That is fantastic, and I hope people can help him as much as he has helped others.

What Do I Like About I’m Great?

I like Ohad Grodzenski’s upbeat rapping and the words used. It is something new and different. It also brings together the artists I have already mentioned. However, I can also see a male version of Neneh Cherry in this music. She was one artist whose music I particularly liked in the 1980s.

The guitar work in I’m Great is fantastic. When we hear the rapping by Son of a Pigeon, we also hear the guitar as a funky backdrop. However, later in the song, we hear this Latin-style, almost flamenco-style guitar, which is very skilful, and for me, this is the song’s best part. Playing the guitar well takes time, persistence, commitment, and dedication.

Ohad Grodzenski Son of a Pigeon podcast I'm Great

Considerations for Improvement

I am sure Ohad would agree that his singing voice is not his strongest asset. However, his rapping is particularly great. I like the rapping.

Ohad Son of a Pigeon needs to develop his following further. With his music, he has only one monthly listener. Is that me? Ohad shouldn’t worry about this statistic. The monthly listener count will fluctuate and sometimes will be much better than others. If he keeps releasing quality music, he will find that his monthly listener count will increase accordingly. This is especially if he can build his follower base and submit the music to as many playlist curators as possible.

Where Can You Learn More About Son of a Pigeon?

You can find out more about Ohad Grodzenski I’m Great and more music by Son of a Pigeon here. You should also listen to the Son of a Pigeon podcast here. If you want to support Ohad Grodzenski, please consider purchasing I’m Great here.

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