We Need Water * Rain

Freddy Zucchet returns to Krannaken.com with an epic new song. This time it is a song that reminds me of the late 80s/early 90s rock and popular music scene. Freddy was also featured on Krannaken.com at the end of November, 2022 with the equally epic, Welcome to Brighter Days. He has now returned to Krannaken.com with We Need Water & Rain. Therefore, it is an honour and a privilege to feature Freddy Zucchet today.

Who is Freddy Zucchet?

Freddy is internationally recognized as the face behind Universe Club, a forward-thinking act primarily inspired by 80s and 90s rock and popular music. Freddy and the Universe Club had their first major release in 2005. This was followed by Chantez Dansez Maintenant (Sing Dance Now).  in 2014.

Freddy’s first single release wasn’t until 2020. This was with the feel-good anthem, Welcome to Brighter Days, This was the subject of our last review of Freddy Zucchet’s music. Since Welcome to Brighter Days, Freddy has had four other single releases. These include Electro Moon (2022), To Dance With You (2022), Os Dias Vão Melhorar (2023), and now We Need Water & Rain (2023).

The Significance of We Need Water & Rain

We Need Water & Rain has enormous significance for Freddy. This is because it is the first release on the LA-based Cleopatra label. Brian Perera, President of Cleopatra Records, took a personal interest in Freddy Zucchet and Universe Club’s music. In particular, Brian’s interests focused on the publication of We Need Water & Rain.

Credentials of We Need Water and Rain

Freddy Zucchet wrote and recorded the song. However, Freddy is also joined by the formidable artist RUDIGER who provided the main vocals, and also Claire Namayanja, a specialist in Gospel choirs.

Other notable artists signed to Cleopatra Records have included Elton John, Santana, Bob Marley and Jimmy Page. Freddy Zucchet now joins the list and is set to become even more renowned and internationally recognized.

Who Does We Need Water & Rain Remind Me Of?

We Need Water & Rain brings tonnes of influences to mind.

RUDIGER’S main vocals remind me of Axel Rose from Guns’n’Roses, Jon Bon Jovi, Freddy Mercury in much of Queen’s music and even David Bowie.

The actual songwriting reminds me of Chris De Burgh and Mike Oldfield. It has that late 80s, early 90s vibe.

What Do I Like About We Need Water & Rain?

I love the 80s-90s glam rock inspiration that Freddy has included in this song. The initial piano could be reminiscent of Guns’n’Roses’ song November Rain. The entire track uses the piano heavily, which is very effective. It is the song’s foundation, which is one of its key strengths. I also like the fact that Freddy encourages other musicians to sing. The layering of the vocals is excellent.

My favourite part of the song is the build-up to the guitar solo and the guitar solo. However, I like the whole song. The vibe behind the song allows it to flourish and develop into something that shows Freddy’s natural talent as a musician, songwriter and producer.

Where Do I Think The Song Could Improve?

I would have to be extremely picky to say I didn’t like anything about We Need Water & Rain because the entire song is excellent. As a whole, the song works incredibly well. However, an acoustic guitar isn’t always the most noticeable part of a song. Perhaps Freddy needs to bring in the electric guitar a little more.

Where Can You Find Out More?

You can hear We Need Water & Rain on the official Freddy Zucchet Spotify channel. If you would also like to go one better and purchase We Need Water & Rain, you can find it at this link. Buying the song would support Freddy’s music more, so please consider purchasing it if you can.