Teraton (aka Phillip Jordan Brooks) is a Los Angeles-based alternative/industrial rock artist. Today, I had the pleasure of listening to his song Hullabaloo. This is a heavy-hitting alternative/industrial rock song that sounds great. If you appreciate bands like Paradise Lost, The Cure, Aphex Twin or The Sex Pistols, I think you’ll love Hullabaloo. This is mainly because it features very psychedelic punk vibes and is the kind of music you would listen to when you’re crashed out on the sofa.

Who is Teraton?

As already mentioned, Phillip Jordan Brooks (Teraton) is an LA-based artist who makes psychedelic/alternative/industrial rock. Although I have mentioned his music being like Paradise Lost, The Cure, Aphex Twin and The Sex Pistols, these are not the acts he identifies with. Instead, in his Spotify bio, we see that he makes mention of Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Tool, and Soundgarden.

Teraton’s initial reason for making music was to communicate his personal, societal and political issues and opinions. If you disagree with him, it is your choice. However, one cannot deny that he has a significant talent for creating great music.

Phillip Jordan Brooks is also a great storyteller and filmmaker. Therefore, you can expect to find these stories within the boundaries of his music. This adds interest and fresh ideas to the brilliance of his production skills. It is a winning combination in any artist’s book. Another thing about this storytelling aspect is that Teraton likes to add real-life situations to his songs – adding an element of interest that fans can relate to.

Teraton also takes inspiration from the stories he tells from personal experiences and hardships. Therefore, his music is of particular importance to his fans. They will experience strong emotions within the lyrics.

Teraton aka Phillip Jordan Brooks Hullabaloo

Why Do I Think Hullabaloo by Teraton is Such Rocking Good Music?

Hullabaloo takes me back to my student days in the 1990s. There are various different acts that Hullabaloo is reminiscent of.

Elements of the vocals remind me of James Hetfield from Metallica. I also see the vocal styles of The Cure through the lyrics too. This is probably from the psychedelic punk aspects of the music. This also helps it to shine and is partly why it’s a great track.

As you may know, my preference for music is for electronic music. Teraton includes electronic vibes within Hullabaloo that stand out like we saw from mid-90s rock. In fact, some of the acts I have already mentioned used the exact same vibes in their music. Namely, Aphex Twin and Paradise Lost.

What Could Be Better About Hullabaloo?

The only thing I didn’t appreciate as much as I would have liked was the lyrics’ clarity. The other instruments tended to get in the way of what we could hear from the words.

The song’s beginning was ambient samples. I believe these samples were layered. This produced mish-mash wall of sound with different scenarios playing simultaneously. That’s not a bad thing. It makes it more interesting. One wonders what is going on.

CAUTION: This video includes flashing images that may be dangerous for epileptics.

Where Can You Learn More?

If you want to learn more about Teraton, you are welcome to follow him on Spotify. Please also consider subscribing to Teraton’s YouTube channel.

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