Tunedly revolutionizing music publishing

Tunedly is revolutionizing music publishing and the traditional A&R process of music publishing through its innovative web application. The company’s unique approach democratizes music scouting. This is accomplished by giving music fans a voice in what songs get released. This opens up new avenues for music discovery. It creates a community of passionate music lovers helping to shape the industry’s future.

Upload Your Music For Anonymous Listening

Tunedly’s “masked music discovery platform” allows artists to upload their music for anonymous listening, eliminating listener bias and creating a more objective and inclusive listening experience. The platform leverages Artificial Intelligence to analyze listener behaviour and identify up-and-coming artists with the potential to become significant hitmakers. Therefore, it is revolutionizing music publishing in a way that has never been seen before.

Spirit Music Group offer winning artists publishing deals. This is through collaboration with partner Spirit Music Group. Spirit Music Group offers placement opportunities. This can be through placing music in films, TV shows, and other sync licensing opportunities.

Earn as a Tunedly “Scout” Through Revolutionizing Music Publishing

Tunedly has also created a new model that empowers “scouts,” music lovers who can earn TunedCoins. Furthermore, listeners can earn NFTs by discovering future hits on the platform. Each listener receives one credit per day. Listeners then award the song they believe has the most potential. They do this by awarding the best prospect with their daily star. Other than revolutionizing music publishing, it is also revolutionizing the way in which music is discovered.

For every listener who awards a star to a song that eventually secures a publishing deal, Tunedly rewards the listener with an NFT of that particular song. In addition, the first 1,000 listeners who gave the song a star also receive TunedCoin, Tunedly’s proprietary cryptocurrency.

When the song starts generating royalties, Tunedly shares its publishing portion of the royalties with the NFT holders of the music. The amount of royalties each NFT holder receives is directly proportional to their total TunedCoin holdings. This groundbreaking model empowers fans and creates a more inclusive and transparent music industry that benefits everyone involved.

Tunedly: Foundations and The Company’s Past?

Tunedly was co-founded in 2016 by Chris Erhardt and Mylene Besancon. Initially, the company started as an online recording studio, offering songwriters access to top session musicians and singers.

Over time, Tunedly eventually became a market leader in the online music production industry. Tunedly also expanded its services and established its revolutionizing music publishing arm, providing a complete solution for music creators from recording to publishing. Tunedly joined ranks with Spirit Music Group and launched its music publishing arm. This features an innovative approach to signing new songs and artists.

Tunedly: Now and in the Future

Tunedly continues to innovate in the music industry by incorporating blockchain technology and AI into the A&R process. The company’s dedication to providing musicians and fans with the latest and most advanced tools and services also establishes Tunedly as a trailblazer in the music industry.

The company’s approach to the A&R process democratizes music scouting also breaks down barriers, and provides new opportunities for music fans to engage with the industry. Tunedly is transforming the music industry. It revolutionizes the discoverability of music. It is promoted and revolutionizing how music fans are rewarded.

Revolutionizing Music Publishing With Tunedly and Your Music

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