Today, I had the pleasure of reviewing some music by Sheiko Litho. Upon first listening experience, I was very impressed with the high-quality music that Sheiko has created. In this post, I will review as many as six tracks by Sheiko. You will learn what makes Sheiko Litho unique and why you need to follow and listen to him on Spotify today and in the future.

Shelko Litho

Who is Sheiko Litho?

Sheiko Litho is known under a few different names. These include “Sheiko, the Musician”, simply “Sheiko” or by his original name “, Sheiko Litho”. Sheiko was one of the founder members of the band “Sheikomuzik”.

The artist is based in the UK, and much of his music results from successful collaborations with various artists and creatives worldwide.

Sheiko Litho specializes in conceptualizing, producing and creating uplifting music. His music is about life, love, experiences and positivity.

As I have mentioned before on, music is universal. It transcends every language and can even be created and enjoyed by people who can’t hear it. However, in the case of Sheiko, I am happy to be able to hear and enjoy it. Sheiko makes EDM, pop, R&B and also worldbeat music.

Love Phenomena

Love Phenomena is a journey of passion and light. It also captures the essence of water with sharp and snappy edits and creative direction. The visuals create a broody yet captivating visual experience with a beautiful mixture of colours and shades. There are some incredible scenes to experience throughout the video. This is because it captures the emotions being shared within the music.

The song is another mixture of EDM and R&B. It is catchy yet varied enough to add interest. I appreciate the usage of both reverb and delay in this track. As someone who writes electronic music, I also appreciate the skills and talents that Sheiko Litho demonstrates throughout this song.

It should also be noted that some scenes in the video contain flash photography which may be unsuitable for those with epilepsy.

Out of Touch by Sheiko Litho

Out of Touch is a new and exciting cover of the Hall and Oats hit of the same name. You will undoubtedly recognize the chorus if you are familiar with the dance music scene.

This song includes elements of EDM, progressive house, R&B and pop music genres. Your listening experience will transport you to a different world.

The beats and the vibes are catchy and will stay with you for hours after listening to the track. This is only a sign of great music. A good song will stay with you in the same way. Achieving this effect in people’s minds is aided by the enjoyment of the music.

The original version of Out of Touch was written in 1984, but this version brings it back into the limelight. It brings a new, fresh and dynamic feeling to the song.

The song covers all major frequency ranges and is an exceptional cover that does the original more than justice. I believe it is better than the original, even though it was such a big hit in the early 1980s.

Red Raw

Red Raw is an upbeat house song partly sung in French and Spanish, but other parts of the track are also in English. Therefore, music is open to a much broader marketplace. This includes people in French, Spanish and English-speaking countries. However, as mentioned in this post, music transcends all languages. People can enjoy it wherever they are in the world.

The song is an exploration of the science of love and heartbreak. We have all experienced heartbreak at some point in our lives. Therefore, the song can be related to everyone listening to it. This is another reason why the subjects of love and heartbreak are more popular in this kind of music. It is also aimed at younger people. It is this age group that experiences most of the heartbreak. I recall my days of being a younger person and being heartbroken. I now have my soulmate, but I can still relate to music about such subjects.

Red Raw also illustrates the power of passion in finding love and heartbreak. Most relationships end in heartbreak. Even relationships that have led to marriages for life. This is because when someone dies, the feeling is very much like heartbreak. Most people don’t know whether they will ever see their loved ones again after they die. It always helps to have a faith in that situation.

Red Raw is a collaboration that also features the talents of Marce Smith, Frannie EL, Elisa Ragnouls, and Rutzy.


Stamina was the first song I listened to by Sheiko Litho. It was also one of the songs I looked forward to reviewing the most. I also love the Latin feel to it. Elements of Stamina remind me of some of the R&B songs I grew up with, such as Lionel Ritchie’s All Night Long. It has that Summer party vibe.

The song and the video are an exploration and a celebration of dancing. We see many different people dancing in the video, but the lyrics also remind me of dancing, as stamina is an essential aspect for any dancer.

Loving You

Loving You is a song about true love and how it makes one feel when they have found it. It shows that love is the strongest emotion we know and experience.

As far as the actual music goes, I like the glockenspiel sound that the song opens with.

The song shows you can make a love song without getting sexually explicit about it. Too many songs feature expletives and too much explicit imagery. However, Loving You is a clean song about real love. It is not about a one-night stand where you might expect such language.

I also enjoyed the rapping in both Loving You and Stamina. The appearance of rapping in both songs is excellent. It also makes this often tricky art form look effortless.

The fact that the Loving You video above is a lyric video also adds interest to the song. My reading speed is not fast enough to keep up with it. However, seeing some of the words sung appear on the screen is interesting.


Chocolate is an R&B song that features elements of hip-hop. It is very energetic and features a catchy hip-hop drum beat. Most of the vocal parts in the song are the male vocalist. However, there are times in the track when we also hear the female vocalist as a backing singer.

There is a way that Chocolate can be improved. It features too much blank space at the end of the Spotify track. This is a mistake that is too easy to make. I have also found the same issue with my music in the past. You must be careful to edit the blank space out because it doesn’t look professional. I find that FL Studio is a DAW that does this too much. You have to edit the final file if you want to cut this mistake out. I have removed music from Spotify for this reason.

What Do I Think of Sheiko Litho After Hearing These Songs?

Sheiko is an impressive musician who forges his own unique sound. It is easy to think that all R&B is the same kind of sound, but the art form is in its combination with other genres. Sheiko Litho combines R&B with EDM, pop and worldbeat in an entirely new way. Therefore, I conclude that you must listen to Sheiko Litho to hear a fresh, new and exciting take on these genres.

Where Can You Learn More About Sheiko Litho?

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