Seth Hilary Jackson is an award-winning singer-songwriter from the United States whose honours have even included an invitation to perform at the White House. In today’s post, I have the honour, privilege and pleasure of reviewing Seth’s song, Here We Are. As usual in this post, I am going to be positive. I will share why you need to listen to Seth’s music. Furthermore, I will also say who I believe Seth’s soundalike artists are and what I think of the song, Here We Are.

Who is Seth Hilary Jackson?

As already mentioned, Seth Hilary Jackson has won awards as well as national honours. These have included performing at the White House. This was to honour a war hero who Seth wrote a song about. Although this was an honour for Seth Hilary Jackson, I believe the real honour there went to the soldier Seth wrote about.

What Kind of Music Does Seth Specialize in?

Although Seth Hilary Jackson could be classed as classic rock, alternative rock, or country, Seth considers himself to be a genre-fluid artist. Therefore, he writes music in various genres. I have seen other artists who have classed themselves as non genre-specific. These are the best artists to work with because they have their own sounds. As I have said more than once in the past, people want to hear your music. They don’t want to hear you because you sound like someone else. If you sounded like someone else, people would by-pass you and you wouldn’t even feature. There is nothing wrong with taking ideas of multiple different artists. However, you shouldn’t try to replicate any individual artist.

Seth Hilary Jackson

What About Cover Bands?

There are opportunities for cover bands. These are usually celebrations of the works of artists who have passed into the next life or have retired from active touring and gigging. There is nothing wrong with this because the original music has been very popular in the past and people want to relive their youth.

However, Seth Hilary Jackson specializes in the aforementioned genres: classic rock, alternative rock and country.

Who Am I Reminded of in the Music of Seth Hilary Jackson?

In the mid-1990s, I spent much of my time listening to this kind of music. I am reminded of the Crash Test Dummies with their song Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm. Who can forget that? What a name for a start! No, in all seriousness. Those were happy days for me. My social life was incredible, and I spent more time in the pubs and clubs of Birmingham, England than anywhere.

Another soundalike is Bob Dylan. Seth’s voice has those Dylan-esque emotions. I would play this kind of thing every lunchtime while at College. We had a music room. I was drawn to it like bees to nectar. I could use another similar metaphor, but it’s not quite so pleasant.

Del Amitri also have a similar sound. Some of these artists get regular mentions on my blog. Del Amitri are one of those. Soul Asylum are another. However, there’s so much similarity in the sounds these bands make. It’s fantastic, but it’s similar. I really like these sounds and I am happy to keep talking about them in my posts. However, I will only say this if I truly believe what I say.

What is The Story Behind Here We Are?

Here We Are has significant meaning for Seth Hilary Jackson, in particular. It is the true story of Seth and his relationship with the one he loves most. Seth explains, “This song is a true story about me and the person I love most in the world. It is a testament to a relationship that began with an unlikely meeting between two people thousands of miles from their respective homes and endured over many years even through times when it seemed like it might not”.

Where Do I Believe Here We Are Could Be Better?

As with so many of the artists I review on, the songs are as good as they can possibly be. I believe Here We Are does what it sets out to do. Therefore, it is a happy, upbeat song that would be fantastic live.

Where Can You Learn More About Seth Hilary Jackson?

You are very welcome to find out more, follow and listen to Seth Hilary Jackson on Spotify. You are also welcome to check out the official Seth Hilary Jackson YouTube Channel. Please also feel free to check out the Seth Hilary Jackson website.