Xo Hurt People Hurt People

Many of us see music as an emotional outlet. That is why our music is so damn good. R&B artist XO is no different. The long-awaited album, Hurt People, Hurt People, is hot off the press. It was only released on Saturday (25th February 2023). However, if this is a taste of things to come, you will hear the name XO many times in the future. His music is exceptional; I’m sure you will agree when listening to his album. As usual, I will review the album in this post and let you know why it is so good and why you need to listen to it. Thanks for your interest in XO and his album Hurt People, Hurt People.

Who is XO?

XO is an R&B artist from Alabama in the United States. The music that XO writes is typically all about his life experiences. He uses it as an emotional outlet for all his pent-up energy and emotion. This is a great way to pour out your feelings as other people can relate to the music, and it will help others to get through difficulties in their own lives. That is what is so great about R&B as a genre. R&B artists tend to appeal more to a younger audience, and this audience needs these messages more than any other.

Hurt People, Hurt People

This is an album about the guilt and pain that XO has experienced in his life. These are from the break up of his strongest relationships, which goes back to the pain and emotion that XO felt during his upbringing. Hurt People, Hurt People is aimed at women struggling with men who have experienced traumas that have prevented them from prospering so that they can be the men they could be. This album is written from the heart and XO delves deep into his emotions to bring you this fantastic album.

The album shows men what they could say to the women they love. It sheds light on a separate path that men could take instead of simply breaking up and losing the women they love.

Since XO released his last album three years ago, he has experienced much of the emotion he pours into this album. Therefore, he is writing every song on the album from his heart.

XO comes from a place where everyone knows everyone else’s business. They know what other people in their neighbourhood are up to and what they are going through. Therefore, it isn’t easy to maintain a strong relationship. There is trouble lurking behind every corner that seeks to ruin the happiness of a strong relationship.

xo Hurt People, Hurt People

What Do I Like About Hurt People, Hurt People by XO?

One of the great things about this album is that XO has written a meaningful album without the need to use expletives. Too many artists in the music industry today use expletives. There is no need for explicit lyrics. In this album, XO has demonstrated how to write a great album without using explicit lyrics.

Another thing I appreciate about XO’s music is that he has written something relatable. In my life, I have found my soulmate. However, growing up, I have been through various relationships and experienced the issues that XO has written about in this music. Even someone who isn’t exactly young anymore (like me) can relate to XO in this music.

The quality of the music is exceptionally high. The way the songs feature the spoken word, as well as singing, is excellent. It just adds to the reliability of the album. Even more than the words, I appreciate the actual music. The music is highly talented and skilful. I would be interested to hear how XO creates his music. Does he use loops? Are these real instruments being played in this song?

It would be good to invite XO for an interview. I am also planning to start an interview podcast in which I will be interviewing music artists from around the planet. This will be more concerned with the marketing and success side of music. I was thinking of working it around a PhD in music, but after chatting to my University contact, that is well above my head.

Where Can You Learn More About XO?

Please click here to stream XO on Spotify, Apple Music or Tidal. You are also invited to “Like” the official XO Facebook page. Thank you for your interest in this music and thanks also for reading this post. This has been a vitally important post for XO and it is always great for me to feature some of the best up-and-coming albums.