The Critchley and Simmons cover version of On Some Faraway Beach by Brian Eno

Critchley and Simmons take us to some faraway beach with On Some Faraway Beach. This is inspired and completely reimagined from a song by Brian Eno. Brian’s song was of the same name, and this cover offers something fresh and interesting. Brian Eno’s classic song was released back in 1974. Most of us hadn’t even been born then so the original song is new to the majority of people who are experiencing it for the first time.

Who are Critchley and Simmons?

Simon Critchley and John Simmons really have an international partnership. They have connections to the UK, America and Australia. Simon is an Englishman who is based in Manhattan and John is based in Melbourne. Together as Critchley & Simmons, they have released no fewer than four albums. Especially when you take it into account that Simon is also a Philosopher and Professor of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research in Manhattan, New York. Therefore, one would assume that he doesn’t have much time left each day for music. However, the four albums testify that Simon can also add the words, “Talented musician” to his resume.

Critchley and Simmons On Some Faraway Beach

How Does The Critchley and Simmons Version Compare?

The Brian Eno version is instrumental up to around two-thirds of the way through the song. It was a typical of contemporary music of the time that Brian Eno wrote it. It could equally well have been Bob Dylan, The Beatles (even) or Roy Orbison. However, the newer version offers a new and fresh interest to an older and more established song.

The older version of On Some Faraway Beach was very psychedelic and this is what I mean when I said it as typical of music of the time it was written. The 1960s and even into the early 1970s (when the song was written) were about drug induced episodes However, you can also see some psychedelia in the Critchley and Simmons version.

What Do I Like About the Newer Version?

I love the laid back feel of the Critchley and Simmons version. I think Brian Eno would also be a fan of the new version. He would feel like he had passed on something special to the newer generations. That is the goal for all music artists so Brian Eno is no different. We all want to see our music passed on and covered in new and spectacular ways by younger generations.

The use of reverb also shows some considerable skill

The sound effects are also very impressive. This is another element that would also impress Brian Eno.

Critchley and Simmons On Some Faraway Beach originally by Brian Eno

Musicians Who Appeared On The Newer Version of On Some Faraway Beach

Merenia sang the beautiful female vocal part. John Simmons played the warm jet guitar and the group promise that this version of On Some Faraway Beach will give you a reason to live. After all, who really wants to die like a baby?

What Were the Other Albums By Critchley and Simmons?

Critchley & Simmons have produced four studio albums. These have included Humiliation (2004), The Majesty of the Absurd (2014), Ponders End (2017) and Moderate or Good, Occasionally Poor (2017). These can all be heard on the Critchley and Simmons Spotify profile.

Learn More About Critchley and Simmons

You can learn more about the group from the following social media profiles. These include the Instagram profile, the YouTube channel and the Facebook page. However, if you want to show more support for Critchley and Simmons, please consider purchasing On Some Faraway Beach from Apple Music. Thank you for reading this post on