Techno Machine 2 by Frank Zozky

Frank Zozky is back on The versatile electronic music artist has just released an epic new techno track. This one is called Techno Machine 2. I think Frank wrote this tune, especially for me, because this is my favourite genre of music. Therefore, it is an honour, a privilege and a pleasure to review this song by Frank Zozky right here on

What Else Have We Reviewed From Frank Zozky?

I believe this is the third song from Frank that I have had the pleasure of reviewing. The others have included Dreamin and Just Like The Movie. As you can tell from Frank’s other posts and his Spotify profile, he is a prolific artist who works tirelessly and passionately to bring you the very skilled and entertaining music he has.

For Those of You Who Haven’t Read the Above Linked Posts Yet…

Frank is an electronic music artist from New York who writes music in multiple genres. Techno Machine 2 is just an example of Frank Zozky’s versatility. This is especially true if you compare this song with the other music Frank has written. It is also evident that Frank is highly talented. It appears anything he does musically becomes gold. Techno Machine 2 is Frank’s first foray into techno. However, from the sound quality of the track, it seems he has been doing this for years.

Techno Machine 2 by Frank Zozky

What Do I Think of Techno Machine 2?

As I have already said, I’m very impressed with the sound quality of Techno Machine 2. I believe Frank is a winner with this track. However, let’s break this down a bit into the various parts.

The song covers all frequency ranges exceptionally well. The base is nice and deep. Coupled with some great acid lines, This is particularly impressive. These also make the song entertaining. However, there could be some improvements to it which I will talk about now.

How Can Techno Machine 2 be Improved?

A couple of improvements could be made to Techno Machine 2.

Firstly, there is no drop or break in the song. It could be much more effective if Frank included a break or a drop and gradually built it back up again.

The second improvement would be that Frank comes in with all guns blazing throughout the track. I would suggest that he introduces each element individually over a period of around 16 bars. This would add some variety to an already brilliant song.

Who Does Techno Machine Remind Me Of?

The acid lines in Techno Machine 2 are reminiscent of Josh Wink. Josh Wink had a massive hit in the 1990s with Higher State of Consciousness. He also used some amazingly effective acid lines that shaped the sound of music for future generations of music artists. This song was very indicative of the drug-induced days of the 90s.

One of the acid lines also reminds me of PPK with their hit song, Resurrection. See if you can guess which acid line that is.

Where Can You Learn More About Frank Zozky and Techno Machine 2?

Please feel free to follow Frank Zozky on Spotify and also listen to all of Frank’s music on Spotify.