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If you’re a fan of bands like Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Van Halen, Rage Against the Machine, Jet and also The Black Keys, you will feel right at home with L7CD. With heavy guitars, drums and vocals, L7CD rocks. Thanks to L7CD for allowing me to review their album Rock & Roll Attitude right here on Krannaken.com.

Rock & Roll Attitude (the Album) by L7CD

L7CD album details

This is For the Freaks

This song reminds me of Run DMC and Beastie Boys. It is a heavy-hitting protest against the “normal” people in society.

Normal Does Not Exist

Let’s face it. What is “normal” to one person is far from “normal” for another. Is it normal for someone who lives in a big city to live in a rural location? Is it normal for a French person to speak fluent Tagalog?

Besides all that, most people fit into the misfit mould somewhere. If you consider all the disabled people, the foreign people, the criminal fraternity, the people of other sexual persuasions, other socio-economic groups, other religions and everyone else who you deem as “different”, you haven’t got many people left.

Move by L7CD

I now see where the Van Halen influence comes in. The guitars in Move sound just like Eddie Van Halen. The vocals in Move also remind me of ZZ Top.

I also really like the difference between the first two songs. L7CD shows a certain amount of versatility from going from the Run DMC-like vocals to the ZZ Top-like vocals of Move.

Of the acts I have reviewed here on Krannaken.com, L7CD reminds me of Vern Daysel. This is because their music is very similar. I think these two musicians would really appreciate each other’s work.

Making Time

Making Time takes me back to the rock and roll of the late 1980s. The same kind of rock and roll bands such as Bon Jovi and also Europe, amongst others offer a very similar sound.

I especially like the line, “Want a permanent lover/ That only comes with being a wife”. This means a lot to those of us who are committed to one woman. In today’s society, there are far too many “good time things” going on between two people. It is always good to know that some people respect marriage like my wife and I do.

She’s Got That Thang

In my opinion, one of the most appealing things about She’s Got That Thang is the amount of swing in the rhythm. That is extremely catchy and captures the imagination.

The vocals offer the main earworm in She’s Got That Thang. She’s Got That Thang is one of those songs that stays in your mind for hours after you have heard it. If I heard it on a night out, it would still go through my mind when I am trying to get some sleep.

Still 17

This one reminds me of Alice Cooper in more ways than one. I know Alice sings of being 18. This song is about being Still 17. However, it could equally be about the fact that the lyrics could be rebellious and belligerent. The tones sound just like Alice too!

Throughout this album, the guitar is excellent. It really rocks, and this is a guitarist who knows his craft. As a guitar player myself, I know when I can hear an excellent guitarist and this guy is definitely one of the best I have heard for a while.

I Rock & Roll

I Rock & Roll has that fierce power and rebellious attitude of The Sex Pistols. Not only the words but also the energy and the weight of the music are all similar to The Sex Pistols. I think Sid Vicious will be rocking in his grave to this one.

As with This is For the Freaks, L7CD also gives Rock & Roll those Run DMC and Beastie Boys characteristics. However, the guitarist is much more skilled than what you might hear from either of these bands.

The song reminds me of the way dudes used to headbang to heavy rock music. This is the kind of thing that would still have people doing that. I am guilty of that sometimes too.

Rock & Roll Attitude

The title track has an element of hip-hop as well as the mainstay rock and roll, which is the main genre of the entire band.

I believe the song Rock & Roll attitude also has that Run DMC / Beastie Boys feel that has been noted from other tracks.

This is another protest song against the “norm” and “normal” values. The song by L7CD promotes drinking beer, playing guitar and having a carefree attitude.

Rock of Ages

The name Rock of Ages would suggest a Christian significance. Indeed, some of the lyrics do have a Christian meaning. There are some references to being a missionary, the Church and the Bible. I am guilty of falling asleep in Church.

I love the soundscape that L7CD has set at the beginning. This is because the didgeridoo is very effective. I also appreciate the difference in weight throughout the song.

The vocals at the beginning remind me of Marillion who were big in the 1980s. However, I am also reminded of Metallica in the heavier parts of the song.

Running Away

Running Away by L7CD opens with a very beautiful acoustic guitar. The vocals and guitar complement each other perfectly throughout the song.

I also appreciate the electric guitar when it comes in too. It is definitely there to support the effect of the acoustic.

As far as soundalike artist goes, I see acts like Simon and Garfunkel, The Byrds, The Beatles, and The Monkees. It could quite believably also have been written in the 1970s. It’s an excellent piece of music and L7CD should be really happy with this song. However, L7CD should be happy with the entire album.

Half Step Ahead

L7CD really has taken a tonne of influence from other artists. Therefore, I am making a post with each song detailed separately. It is vitally important that I do it this way because each song has different qualities. Each song brings different values to the table.

Half Step Ahead reminds me of Queen in some respects. Travis Hester (the vocalist) also has the drive and grit that we remember from Freddie Mercury.

L7CD also have a strong influence from country music in Half Step Ahead. You will love Half Step Ahead if you are a country music fan.

White Boys Doing Hip Hop by L7CD

White Boys Doing Hip Hop also takes us back to those songs that reminded me of Run DMC and Beastie Boys. Just like those songs, White Boys Doing Hip Hop by L7CD is a mixture of rock and hip-hop. It features a great guitar and also those hip-hop vibes.

As far as white boys doing hip hop and black boys doing rock, it doesn’t really matter what colour you are. You can make the kind of music you want to make. I think that is the whole ethos of this song.

Conclusion – Rock & Roll Attitude by L7CD

L7CD has put an amazing album together here. As musicians, we always want to have our own sound because we can be original. Never have I heard this so well demonstrated than in this album. It uses influences and inspiration from a wide plethora of different artists in order to create their own sound.

The reason that I have done the post this way is because of the differences in each song. Every song features some similarities. However, each song has its own vibes and its own values. Therefore, it is vital to the album’s success that each song also gets its own exposure.

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