Avenue Army Favorite Enemy

The first band that came to mind when I first listened to Avenue Army are Metallica. In this post, we will discuss the strengths of Avenue Army. We will look at what I like about Favorite Enemy, why you should listen to them, and who their soundalike bands are. I will also discuss each element in turn. You never know; I might even change your taste in music with this review. One thing is for sure; you need to be prepared to change your preference. That is how true musical character is born. It is a pleasure, an honour and a privilege to review such high quality music on Krannaken.com.

Who Are Avenue Army?

Avenue Army is going to be big with heavy rock and metal fans. The heavy guitars and equally heavy use of toms on the drums make this a fantastic opportunity for you to experience some great music. These elements, plus the Hetfield-like singing, is a force to be reckoned with.

The band consist of four musicians. Founder member Max Bergstrom is the band’s lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Drew Smith is the bassist and also the backing singer. Will Lopez is the lead guitarist. Queston Kwolek is the drummer. The elements that stick out are the drums, lead guitar and lead vocals. However, when you listen to the band, each element shines through. You can clearly hear each element.. It’s probably because I’m a Metallica fan, and these elements remind me of them.

This genre calls for heavy use of toms on the drums. It is satisfying for the listener.

The vocals also remind me of James Hetfield. The harmony between the lead and backing singer during the verses is awe-inspiring and adds interest to the frequencies used in the vocals.

The guitar is reminiscent of Kirk Hammet. As a guitarist, I appreciate this element and the skill that goes into playing the guitar to this skill level. Playing proper lead guitar isn’t easy, and takes many years of practice to get it right.

Awards and Honours Achieved by Avenue Army

Avenue Army are currently touring in support of their new EP release, “Joy Fighter”.

They have previously supported bands such as 3 Pill Morning, Throw The Fight, Eve to Adam, Saving Abel, Alien Ant Farm, Rivals, and The Ataris.

Avenue Army were also nominated for a San Diego Music Award in 2020. The award was for the best rock album (Holding Steady) The band were nominated again in 2021 for the best rock song (Bedroom Window).

What Else Do I Like About Favorite Enemy?

I don’t usually mention this in my reviews. However, in this case, I believe it has to be added. The mixing and sound engineering in Favorite Enemy by Avenue Army is excellent. The levels are all as perfect as they can possibly be.

What is Different About Favorite Enemy by Avenue Army?

The almost rapping part at 1:10 makes the track different, and it stands out as different. As I always say, a band needs to have differences. If you sound the same as another act, people will bypass you and listen to that act. In Favorite Enemy, Avenue Army have achieved that difference. The only other artist I can think of who does this same element exceptionally well is Manafest.

Who Does Avenue Army sound like?

As mentioned, I also see many Metallica influences in this music. Manafest is another artist with a similar sound to Avenue Army. Chris (aka Manafest) has a similar weight in his music. However, Manafest has more rapping in his vocals.

Avenue Army Favorite Enemy

Where Can Favorite Enemy Be Improved?

The band show a lot of skills in Favorite Enemy. This is not only in the performance. The arrangement, composition and engineering are all excellent too.

The area the band can and should be able to improve upon is the number of listeners to their music. They currently have only 784 listeners per month. This is better than a lot of artists. However, it is still not as high as Avenue Army deserve. As mentioned in the past, this is a figure that fluctuates. Therefore, it is something that the band shouldn’t be too concerned about. If the band continues to release this high-quality sound, they will have no issues increasing this figure.

Where Can You Learn More About Avenue Army?

You are very welcome to subscribe to the band’s YouTube channel. Alternatively, you can also like the Avenue Army Facebook page, follow them on Twitter or check out the official website.