From the outset, Cavrn shows a real passion as well as talent in his music. Who is Cavrn? Why should you listen to him? What is so good about his music, and where do I think he could improve? This review will look at his latest album, Caveman. I am going to talk in general about Caveman and not about each track in turn. Some traits appear throughout the Caveman release and it is these that we will focus on in this review.

Who is Cavrn?

Cavrn is an artist who has recently dropped Caveman, his debut album on all major streaming services. Caveman can be described as a mixture of rap, trap, hyperpop and various electronic genres. Many different genres can be heard throughout the release. As I have said in the past, creating your own sound is what your goal should be in your music journey. This makes your music different, and it adds quality to the sound of your music. After all, nobody wants to listen to you because you sound like someone else. People want to listen to your music because you sound like you.

What Do I Think of Caveman?

I am impressed with the quality of sound on the Caveman EP. From the outset, you can hear the electronic quality of artists like Jean Michel Jarre. I think Cavrn would appreciate Jarre’s music for its electronic qualities.

The diversity in genres in which Cavrn has produced this album even includes rock music. I appreciate the guitar in Dreamer, which reminds me of bands like Nirvana and The Cranberries.

If you want to find an artist with a multitude of different genre influences, you should listen to Cavrn.

Where Do I Think Cavrn Could Improve Caveman?

I don’t see why a release should have so many expletives. Expletives add expression to the lyrics. However, there are also better ways to express the meaning. I also see that he wants to get his message across. With Cavrn, there is a tonne of different messages. Using expletives adds to the feeling that goes into the music.

Cavrn Caveman

Why Should You Listen to Cavrn?

As with all good hip-hop musicians, Cavrn’s music is full of meaning and expression. The difference with Cavrn’s music is that he introduces a lot of different genres in his work. Therefore, there is a lot of significance in Cavrn’s work. You have rap and hip-hop, the electronic genres that are reminiscent of the likes of Jean Michel Jarre. You also have rock influences in more than one of the songs that are reminiscent of the kind of work of The Cranberries and Nirvana.

Where Can You Learn More?

If you want to learn more, you can find his work on all the top music streaming services, such as the Cavrn Spotify and SoundCloud channels. However, if you really want to support Cavrn, please consider purchasing his music from Amazon. This will support his work further. Cavrn wishes to thank you for your interest in his music and for reading this post about his work. You can find the Caveman album on Amazon here.

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