With a sound combining influences from ZZ Top, The Cult, Nickelback, and Theory of a Deadman, the new Swilly song is a must. The sound of Swilly is similar to a lot of 80s rock bands. In this post, we will examine the song “My Song”. We will look at both music and video production. We will also examine what is great about the song and why you should listen. Why should you follow or subscribe to Swilly on different social platforms? Finally, we look at where you can learn more and where you can buy the merch for My Song. If you’re a rock music fan, you will love My Song by Swilly.

Who Are Swilly?

Swilly is a Canadian/American rock band heavily influenced by bands like ZZ Top, The Cult, Nickelback and Theory of a Deadman. They are guitar-heavy with gritty vocals and toms that will take you back to the aforementioned bands. They see themselves as an extension of 1980s rockers who are in-your-face and not afraid to play it loud – as the name of their 2017 album would suggest.

Swilly is made up of musicians from across Canada and also from Colorado. This includes the singer/songwriter Steven Williams. Steven is a rocker who also has a bawdy sense of humour. Furthermore, the band’s name comes from Steven’s nickname, Swilly. The rhythm and lead guitarist is Kevin Campbell. Other members also include bassist Doug Adair and drummer Carl Holz. Finally, but by no means least, credit must go to Jason Long, who plays the keyboard where necessary.

Band members come from the British Columbia area of Canada, Ontario and also Colorado. Therefore, it is a real international band.

Swilly band photo

The Music Video For My Song by Swilly

The music video stands out from the original version from the outset. This is because the introduction to the song shows someone pressing “Play” on a car stereo. I believe this is a 1980s iconic scene. You would see it on many synthwave videos – which are meant to be iconic of the 1980s. Therefore, the scene of someone pressing a play button on a car stereo gives it that 1980s feel from the beginning.

Scenes of Technology and Musicians Playing

As a rock music fan, I love to see musicians rocking with their instruments. We see the guitarist, the keyboard player and the drummer. It is entertaining to see all of the technology and instruments used to make this song.

Computer-Generated Graphics

Another 1980s scene is the computer-generated graphics. This is something that fits right in with the 80s-influenced music such as this type of rock music and the aforementioned synthwave. These are apparent at 1:09, 1:39, 2:04 and 3:03. The graphics at 3:03 are just like those at 1:09. These would all point to a 1980s theme which constantly runs throughout the song.

My Song by Swilly

The Natural Scenes

Other aspects of the video that I appreciated were the landscape scenes. This included the beach scene at 1:05. The same scene reappeared at 1:19. I also appreciated the mountain scene, which appeared at 1:23. Was this in the Rocky Mountains? It’s a beautiful part of the world. From there, we see a meadow scene at 1:29. We also see a coastal scene at 2:08 and a sunset scene at 2:17. The waterfall scene at 2:39 is also very effective. The final landscape scene is a beach scene which comes in at 2:49.

Music Video For My Story by Swilly

I love a good music video. From what I have witnessed from their video, Swilly do too. The scenic shots, computer-generated graphics, performance shots, and technology are all great to see. It has to be one of the best music videos I have seen in a long time.

What Do I Think of the Song?

As a rock music fan, I am also very impressed with My Story as a piece of music. It is a perfect length for a radio edit. Therefore, Swilly should submit the song to radio stations worldwide. Rock music is still very popular around the world and people will want to hear My Story. In my view, the band won’t have any problem in securing exposure and attracting new support from every corner of the planet.


The Lyrics of My Story by Swilly

After 45 seconds, we hear the introduction of the vocals. One thing that impresses me about the first few lines is Steven Williams’s credit to blues and soul. Although I am a fan of good rock music, I have reached a point in my musical journey where I now appreciate all kinds of different genres. I believe this is important in my role as a music critic. Therefore, I appreciate other musicians who are also open to different genres.

I hear my song set me free is a line which demonstrates an openness to any genre. I believe the message of the song is not to worry about genre. Don’t write for a genre. Let a genre work for you. That is a great way to view it because it shapes the music and models its future. Therefore, you should forget genre ideals and focus on making good music.

Musicianship in My Story by Swilly

As a guitar player myself, I love the sound of a great rock and roll guitar. That is exactly what you get from the guitar of Kevin Campbell. It sounds like Kevin is making good use of the pentatonic scales. He also uses excellent guitar skills, string bends, fret tapping, hammer-ons and pull-offs. A lot of the structure of the song uses power chords. This is what gives the song that in-yer-face attitude.

The lyrics are also very catchy. It is easy for My Song to become an earworm. I hear my song call to me, I hear my song set me free.

The drumming is also extremely skillful throughout. I love the variety of different rhythms that Carl employs throughout the song.

Swilly My Song

Where Can You Learn More About Swilly?

You are very welcome to subscribe to Swilly on YouTube, follow them on Spotify, check out the band’s linktree and also purchase the official Swilly merchandise.

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