As a guitarist myself, this is one track that captured my attention from the outset. In Never Gone, Rene Erickson has created something special. Much can be said about Rene and how he plays the guitar. In this post, I will examine Rene’s technique and what makes him stand out. I will also explain when and why you need to listen to Rene Erickson, and finally, but by no means least, I will show you where you can learn more and discover Rene’s other music, as well as Never Gone.

Rene Erickson and the Technique he Employs in Never Gone

At the very start of the track, Rene detunes his guitar. This is a part of the music I haven’t heard elsewhere. Therefore, Rene makes his own sound and stamps his trademark while playing the guitar. Perhaps, he has detuned the bottom string from a low E to a D and used DADGAD tuning. I also appreciate Rene’s fingerstyle skills. It takes a considerable amount of talent to get this spot on. A lot of guitarists will create fret buzz, which sounds amateur. However, Rene Erickson is an accomplished guitarist with years of experience.

Another skill I appreciate in Never Gone is Rene Erickson’s use of harmonics. Again, this can be difficult to get right and requires practice. Therefore, Rene’s making this sound easy is another addition to his testament.

You rarely find a musician who plays fingerstyle on the steel-string acoustic in the way that Rene Erickson does. There is an excellent mix of notes from all frequency ranges. Some instruments are easier to play when using a wide range of frequencies. However, the guitar is an instrument that is more difficult to master when one is playing fingerstyle.

Rene Erickson Never Gone from the Silent Street album

What is Great About the Music?

I have said in the past and will no doubt say again; instrumental music is more abstract. It doesn’t make you think of any one particular scenario or scene. Therefore, you are free to add your thoughts. This will differ from person to person and from time to time. I appreciate instrumental music because I can read or get on with another task while the music is playing in the background. Lyrics capture the imagination, so getting on with other tasks when listening to lyrics is more difficult. One turns off the piece so that you can focus on the task you are attempting to perform.

The Marketing of Never Gone

The Rene Erickson Spotify profile doesn’t give much idea of his skill and experience as a guitarist. Neither does the YouTube channel. These social channels could and should show much more success than they do. Maybe Rene doesn’t focus on the online world much. There is nothing that says he has to. However, I believe it would help him immensely if he had more listeners on Spotify and more YouTube subscribers. As I have also said in the past, the Spotify listener count is something that fluctuates. It would help Rene to be even more prolific and get more content on these sites than he currently has. Spotify figures always look better with regular content updates with new material.

Where Can You Learn More About Rene Erickson?

You can learn more about Rene Erickson by following his Spotify channel or subscribing to Rene Erickson on YouTube. If you want to support Rene, you can purchase his album, Silent Street, from Amazon.

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